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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY O F BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDED AUGUST 31,1945 V. PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE Antigenic properties of staphylococcus enterotoxin. Canadian journal of public health 35:337-51 September 1944. The future of medical education (from the standpoint of preven- tive medicine and laboratory research). Vancouver medical Review. Dewberry, Elliot B. Food poisoning: its nature, his- tory and causation, measures for its prevention and control. Canadian journal of public health 35:370-1 September 1944. DUFF, D.C.B. Abstract: Some nutritional requirements of Clostridium perfringens Canadian journal of public health 36:84-5 February 1945. The value of vitamin concentrates. The Canadian nurse 40:759-63 RANTA, L.E. and Dolman, C.E. A mouse protection test for cholera vaccine. Canadian journal of public health 35:473-80 December 1944. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY SEYER, W.F. The rate of extraction of copper, zinc and arsenic salts from round pilings. American wood preservers' association. Pro- ceedings 1945- SEYER, W.F. and Mann C.W. The vapour pressures of cis- and trans-deca hydronaphthalene. American chemical society. Journal 67:328-9 February 1945. ' The heat capacity of potassium dihydrogen phosphate from 15 to 300°K; the anomaly at the Curie temperature. American chemical DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICS The nature of elision in Latin verse. Royal society of Canada GRANT, W.L. The shorter Latin poems of George Buchanan, 1506-1582; Classi- cal journal 40:331-48 March 1945. MACKAY, L.A. Two notes on Juvenal. Classical review 58:45-6 December 1944. DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, POLITICAL SCIENCE AND SOCIOLOGY TOPPING, C.W. Happy family. Marriage and family living 7:57 Summer 1945. Review: Sellin, Thorsten. Pioneering in penology. American sociological review 10:449-50 June 1945. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Principles governing training for rehabilitation. Canada. Department of veterans' affairs, (1945) 22 pages. CAMERON, M.A. Property taxation and school finance in Canada. Toronto, Canada and Newfoundland education association, 1945. 53 p. An experimental study of the generalizing ability of' Grade II pupils„ Journal of educational psychology 35: 432-41 October TYLER, F.T. Analysis of the Terman-McNemar  tests of mental ability. Educa- tional and psychological measurement 5:49-58 1945. A co-operative approach to educational evaluation. The School (Elementary and secondary editions) 33:280-5 December 1944 DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY WILLIAMS, M.Y. The Fort Nelson-Watson Lake area. Western miner 17:50-60 Sept- ember 1944. Whither geology? Royal society of Canada. Transactions ser 3, 38, sec. 4:137-43 1944. GUNNING, H.C. and Carlisle, Donald Vanadium on the west coast of British Columbia. Canadian institute of mining and metallurgy. Transactions 47:415-23 1944. OKULITCH, V.J. A new dinichthys from the Devonian of Manitoba. Royal society of Canada. Transactions ser 3, 38, sec. 4:65-9 1944. SWANSON, C.O. Probabilities in estimating the grade of gold deposits. Canadian institute of mining and metallurgy. Transactions 48:323-50 1945. SWANSON, C.O. and Gunning, H.C. Geology of the Sullivan Mine. Western miner 17:74-94 November 1944. WARREN, H.V. Is manganese related to depth changes in gold deposits? Western miner lfc:37-40 February 1945. WARREN, H.V. and Peacock, M.A. Hedleyite, a new bismuth telluride from British Columbia, with notes on wehrlite and some bismuth-tellurium alloys. Toronto. University. University of Toronto studies. Geological series no. 49:55-69 1945. WARREN, H.V. and Thompson, R.M. Mineralogical notes. Antimony minerals from British Columbia and Yukon Territory: boulangerite, chalcostibnite, jamesonite, zinckenite. Toronto. University. University of Toronto studies. Geological series no. 49:78-84 1945. WARREN, H.V. and Thompson, R.M. continued Mineralogy of two cobalt occurrences in British Columbia. Canadian mining and metallurgical bulletin 38 (whole number 393): 1-16 January 1945. Minor elements in gold. Economic geology 39:457-71 November 1944. Sphalerites from western Canada. Economic geology 40:309-335 August 1945• DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY SAGE, W.N. Arthur S. Morton: 1870-1945. British Columbia historical quar- terly 9:165-7 April 1945. British Columbia becomes Canadian 1871-1901. Queen's quarterly 52:168-83 Summer 1945. Review: Clokie, H. McD. Canadian government and politics. British Columbia historical quarterly 9:171-3 April 1945- Walter Moberly's report on the roads of British Columbia 1863. British Columbia historical quarterly 9:37-47 January 1945- Where stands Canadian history? Canadian historical association. Report 1945:15-24 1945. OLESON, T.J. Review: Jon Duason. LandkSnnun og landnam Islendinga i Vesturheimi. (Exploration and settlement, of the Icelanders in the Western Hemisphere) 2 vol. Canadian historical review 26:65-6 March 1945. ORMSBY, M.A. Agricultural development in British Columbia. Agricultural his- tory 19:11-20 January 1945. Leonard Norris, 1865-1945. British Columbia historical quarterly 9:232-4 July 1945. Leonard Norris, an appreciation. Okanagan historical society. Report 1945:15-19. 1945. Prime Minister Mackenzie, the Liberal Party and the bargain with British Columbia. Canadian historical review 26:148-73 June 1945. ORMSBY, M.A. continued The quarrel between the Governor-General and the Prime Minister 1876. Okanagan historical society. Report 1945:49-55 1945. Review: Longley, R.S. Sir Francis Hincks, a study of Canadian politics-, railways, and finance in the 19th century. British Columbia historical quarterly, 9:239-41 July 1945. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Periodic and asymptotic orbits in a five body problem. Canadian JENNINGS, S.A. A note on chain conditions in nilpotent rings and groups. Ameri- can -mathematical society. Bulletin 50:759-63 November 1944. EVANS, D.O. Alfred de Vigny and positivism December 1944. • DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES Romanic review 35:288-98 HALLAMORE, G.J. Das problem des zwiespaltes in den kunstlernovellen E.T.A. Hoff- manss und Thomas Manns. Monatshefte fur deutschen unterricht 36 R82-94 February 1 9 4 4 . DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY The achievement of George Sidney Brett. University of Toronto The church and education. United Church observer 7 : 1 3 , 2 5 March Consciousness and behaviourj the meaning of scientific psychology Canadian psychological association. Bulletin 5 : 1 0 - 1 5 February 1 9 4 5 . Conditions of peace. B!C. Sacher 2 4 : 1 4 8 - 9 January 1 9 4 5 . DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS PETRIE, William and Underhill, Anne B. The stark effect of helium in some B-type stars. Royal astro- nomical society of Canada. Journal 38;385 November 1944. The absorption spectrum of liquid oxygen. Royal society of Canada. Transactions ser 3, 39, sec. 3:25-31 1945. DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WORK Agency-school relationships in in-service training. Canadian conference on social work. Proceedings 1944 (9th):195-9 1944. Casework with children. Canadian conference on social work Social casework in public assistance. National conference of DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY Contributions to the life history of the sockeye salmon. Paper 29. British Columbia. Department of provincial fisheries. A beaked whale stranded on the coast of British Columbia. Journal The Dall porpoise, Phocoenoides dalli (True), of the northern Pacific Ocean. Journal of mammalogy  2-5:295-306 August 1944. The ecological relationships of the food of the Columbian black- tailed deer, Odocoileus hemionus columbianus (Richardson) in the coast forest region of southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Ecological monographs 15:109-39 1945. Further notes on the winter occurrence of bats in British Columbia. Murrelet 25:45 September-December 1944. The house finch (Carpodacus mexicanus) in Alberta. Murrelet 25:45 Notes on some frogs and toads of British Columbia. Copeia 1945, Notes on the salamanders of British Columbia. Copeia 1945, no. COWAN, I. MoT. and Fowle, C.D. Visceral gout in a wild ruffed grouse. Journal of wildlife management 8:260-1 July 1944. COWAN, I. McT. and McCabe, T.T. Peromyscus maniculatus macrorhinus and the problem of insularity. Royal Canadian Institute. Transactions 25:117-215 1945. Birds and mammals  of Mount Revelstoke National Park (Part I). A preliminary report on the birds and mammals  of Kootenay National Park, British Columbia. Canadian field naturalist 58:34-51 March- April 1944. FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Classification proves to be the best boost for Jersey business. BERRY, J.C. Research in the field of animal breeding. Agricultural institute review 1:120-2 December 1945. (Paper delivered at the meeting of the Canadian Society of Animal Production, Western Section, Saska- toon, Saskatchewan, June 25-28, 1945) Dairymath. B.C. Jersey bulletin 1:3-11 December 1945. Reliability of averages of different number of lactation records for comparing dairy cows. Journal of dairy science 28:355-66 DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE HARRIS, G.H. The effect of micro-elements on the red raspberry in coastal British Columbia. American society for horticultural science Proceedings 4 5 : 3 0 0 - 0 2 1 9 4 4 . DEPARTMENT OF POULTRY HUSBANDRY Observations on two methods of feeding chickens from one day old to twelve months of age. Poultry science 24:245-51 May 1945. BIELY, Jacob and Pratt, J.M. A note on the value of Stickwater Meal as a riboflavin supplement in poultry rations. Poultry science 24:377-9 July 1945.


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