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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH.COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDING AUGUST gist, 1933o  PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS M P SCIENCE. DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY: Miss Helen M. Mathews: "Study of Certain Marine Bacteria." Contributions to Canadian Biology and Fisheries. (In Press). Dr. D.C.B.Duff and B.J.Stewart: "Studies on Furunoulosis of Fish in British Columbia." Contributions to Canadian Biology and Fisheries, VIII, No. 8 - (Series A. General, No. 35.) Mr. Jacob Biely and Dr. V.S.Asmundso n: "Fish Meal Supplements for Chicks, Part I." Scientific Agriculture, XIII (4) 1922., pp. 236-&4&. "Fish Meal Supplements for Chicks, Part II." Scientific Agriculture, XIII (7), 1933, pp.435-438. Mr. Jacob Biely and Mr. William Roach: "Comparison of Repeated Rapid Whole-blood, Rapid Serum and Tube Agglutination Tests." Journal Comp. Path, and Therap. XLV. (3) 1932, pp.224-229. #  Mr.Jacob Biely, Mr. E.A.Lloyd and Mr. William Roach: "Pullorum Disease," Mimeographed Bulletin Department of Agriculture, Victoria, B.C., 1933.  #  Mr. Jacob Biely and Miss Elvira Palmer: "The Aetiology of Fowl Paralysis." (A Review of Literature) Vet. Record, XLIV. (2312) 1932, pp. 1302-1309.  #  Mr. Jacob Biely, Miss Elvira Palmer and Mr. I.Michael Lerner: "Fowl Paralysis (Neurolymphomatosis gallinarum) in Chioks under Three Months of Age." Can. Journal Research, 8, 1933, pp. 305-311.  ,f Reported under Faculty of Agriculture-Department of Poultry Husbandry.  #  Mr. Jacob Bioly. Miss Elvira Palmer. Mr. I.Michael Pernor and Dr. V. 5. AsmundsonT "Inheritance of Resistance to Fowl Paralysis (Heurolymphomatosis gallinarum) "Science, 78, 1933, p. 42.  #  Mr. Jacob Bjely and Miss Elvira Palmer: "The Antirachitic Value of Pilchard Oil (Sardine Oil) for Growing Chicks." Scientific Agriculture, 14 (2) 1933.  #  Mr. Jacob Biely and Mr. William Roach: "Further Studies on the Comparative Value of the Rapid Whole Blood (Stained Antigen) Agglutination Test and the Serum Agglutination Test for Pullorum Disoase." In Press.  #  Mr. Jacob Bioly. Miss Elvira Palmer and Mr. E,A.Lloyd: "Fowl Paralysis (Neurolymphomatosis gallinarum)" Fifth World's Poultry Congress, Rome, Italy, 1933.  DEPARTMENT OF BOTAFif: Dr. A. H. Hutchinson and Miss M. R. Ashton: "The Effect of Radiant Energy on Diastase Activity." Canadian Journal of Research, 9, 49-64, 1933. Dr. A. H. Hutchinson: "Longevity and Periodicity of Growth in Trees." Proceedings of the Fifth Pacific Sciencc Congress, 1933. Mr. John Davidson: "Poisonous Plants of British Columbia." The Western Pharmaceutical Review, June, 1933. "Medicinal Plants of British Columbia," The Western Pharmaceutical Review, July, 1933. #Roported under Faculty of Agriculture-Department of Poultry Husbandry.  Dr. 'A, H. Hutchinson and Mr, John Davidson: "Guides for the Pacific Soience- Congress - 1933" Botany of Vancouver Island - Botany of Vancouver District - Botany of Southern British Columbia, DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: Dr. J,  Harris and Dr. William Ure:  "Experimental Chemistry for Colleges." McGraw-Hill Book Company.  - (Book)  Dr. W.F.Seyer and Mr. E.G.King: "Systems of Sulphur Dioxide and Hydrogen Derivatives of Benzene" Journal American Chem. Society 55, 3140, 1933. Dr. William Ure and Mr. F.i».DcLislo: "The Equilibrium between Ammonium Thiooyanate and Thiourea in Solution." Trans. Royal Socioty Canada, Sec. Ill, 33. Dr. William Ure and Mr. John T. Young: "On the liibchanism of Gaseous Reactions - Homogeneous Catalysis in the Decomposition of Methyl Ethyl Ether." Journal Phys. Chem. 1933. Dr. R.H.Clark and Mr. Alan Boll: "A Systematic Study of the Preparation of Acidyl Halidos from the Corresponding Acids." Trans. Royal Society, See. Ill, 1933. Dr. W. F. Scyer: "The Conversion of Fatty and Waxy Substances into Petroleum Hydrocarbons." Fifth Pacific Science Congress, June, 1933.  DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH: Mr. Thorleif Laraen: ,T  A Bibliography of the Writings of George Peele," Modern Philology, 1933.  Dr. W. L. MacDonald: "John Dryden" (1631-1700). "The Augustan Mobility,"  The Bookman (American) 1933, The University of Toronto Quarterly Tt%lT.'  Dr. G.G.Sedgewick: "Of Disillusionment in Freshmen."  Queen's Quarterly.  19537  "  DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY: Dr. R.'V.Brock:  (In conjunction with Dr. S. J. Schofield and Dr. M.Y.Williams.)  "Report on the Geology and Mineral Resources of Hong Kong and the New Territories." (In press). Dr. S. J. Schofield: (In conjunction with Dr. R.W.Brock and Dr. M. Y. Williams.) "The Geology of British Columbia." Dr. M. Y. Williams: "Geological History of the Southwestern Plains of OfiUl&ClQ. ^ Journal of Geology, Vol. XL, No. 6, Aug.-Sept. 193B. pp. 560-575. "Distribution of Life around the Pacific." Read before Pacific Science Congress at Vancouver, June, 1933, and to be published in Transactions. "Biological Notes covering parts of the Peace, Liard and Great Bear River Basins." Canadian Field Naturalist, Feb. 1933, Vol. XLVII, No. 2, pp. 23-31.  Department of Geology and Geography continued: Dr. M. Y. Williams: "Fauna of the Former Dominion Peace River Block, British Columbia." Province of B.C. Report of Provincial Museum of Natural History, 1922, pp. C 14 - C 24, 3 plates. Dr. H. 7. Warren and Mr. Rodger W. Loofbourow: "The Occurrence and Distribution of the Precious Metals in the Montana and Idaho Mines, Ruby, Arizona*" Economic Geology, Vol. XXVII, No. 6, Sept. 1932. Dr. H. y. Warren and Mr. Rodger W. loofbourow: "The Occurrence and Distribution of Silver in the Silver King, Coalition Mines, Park City, Utah." Economic Geology, Vol. XXVII, No. 7, Nov. 1932. "Relation between Silver Content and Tetrahedrite in the Ores of the North Cananea Mining Company, Cananea, Sonora, Mexico." Eoonomic Geology, Vol. XXVII, No. 8, Dec. 1932. DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY: Dr. W. N. Sage: Articles:  "The Critical Period of British Columbia." 1866-1871 - Pacific Historical Review, December, 1932. tr "British Columbia says Klahowya." ]£iwanis Magazine, July, 1933.  Review of:  IT "The Drums o f Lanoraye" t t by Annie Ermatinger Fraser Canadian Historical Review, March, 1933. "New Spain and tho West." Canadian Historical Review, September, 1933. tt  Mr. F. H. Soward: Pamphlets:  "Canada and the League of Nations." International Conciliation, New York, October, 1932. A revised and enlarged edition of the pamphlet previously published" in Canada.  Articles:  "Three Years of the Five Year Plan." Dalhousie Review, October, 1932. "The Address of the Honourable Mr. Cahan." Interdependence, March, 1963. "The Iferch of Events in 1932," Vancouver Sunday Province, January 1, 1933.  Reviews:  "The Capital question of China" by Lionel Curtis - Pacific Affairs, January, 1933. "The Diplomatic Relations of the United Estates and Japan." by Pay son J. Treat Pacific Affairs, February, March, 1933. "Some Educational Factors Affecting the Relations between Canada and the United States.'' by Dean Hauck - Canadian Histo ri cal Review, December, 1932. As in the past Mir. Soward has assisted in the editorial work on Canada for tho Political Handbook of the World, 1933. Professor Soward read a paper on Canada and the Far Eastern Crisis at the May meeting of the Canadian Hiatorical Association at Ottawa, and this paper was sent in as a data paper to the Conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations at Banff.  DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATIC S: Dr. D. Buchanan: "The Spheroidal-Pendulum" American Mathematical Monthly.  Dr. F. S. Nowlan: "Analytic Geometry" - Book - 295 pp. McGraw-Hill & Company, "Transformation of a Total Matric. Algebra." Mr. I. Richardson:  In Press.  "Applications of Vectors to Spherical Trigonometry." American Mathematical Monthly. "linear Representation of Hyperbolio Functions"  (In Pre  Mr. Walter H. Gage: "On Theta Phi Identities." Bulletin, Americai Mathematical Society, July, 1933.  DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS: Mr. Black and Dr. J.G.Davidson: "New Practical Physics." (Adapted for Canadian Schools by Dr. J.G.Davidson. ) DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY: Dr. C. McLean Fraser: "A Comparison of the marine fauna of the Nanaimo region with that of the San Juan Archipelago." Trans.'Royal Society, 3rd. Ser. Vol. XXVI, Sec. 5, pp. 49-70. Mr. G. J. Spencer: "Epidapus scabies  - A Greenhouse Pest in Vancouver."  "Further notes on Rhyncocephalus sackeni Will." Proceedings Ent. Soc. B.C. for 1932.  FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE. DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY: Mr. F. M. Knapp: "The Recent Application of Science ana Engineering to Forestry." Fifth Pacific Science Congress, June, 1933. DEPARTMENT OF NURSING AND HEALTH: Dr. H.W.Hill: "Bacteriological Study of Milk in British Columbia," Supplement, Bulletin of the B.C. Board of Health, May, 1933. Articles in the above Bulletin.  FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE. DEPARTMENT OF AGRONOMY": Dr. D. G. Laird: "A Study of Strains of the Rhizobia with Particular Reference to the Bacteriophage." Read before the Agricultural Conference at the World's Grain Show, Regina. Mr. W.H.Hill, Mr. H.M.King and Dr. D.G.Laird: "Some Further Studies on the Etiology of Bovine Haematuria Vesicalis (Red Water) in British Columbia. Sci. Agriculture, 13: 545-60, 1933, Dr. G.G.Moo: "Recent Applications of Science to Agriculture." Fifth Pacific Science Congress, Victoria, 1933. "Agronomic Aspects of Wheat on the Pacific," Fifth Pacific Science Congress, Vancouver, 1933,  DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE: Dr. G. H. Harris and Mr, J". J. Woods: "Raspberry Nutrition." Fifth Pacific Scienco Congress, June, 1933. DEPARTMENT OF DAIRYING: Dr. B.A.Eagles and Mr. W. Sadler: "Nitrogen Requirements of Lactic Acid Bacteria: I. The Fractional Analysis of Various Nitrogen Souroes' Used for the Quantitative Determination of the sugar-»fermenting Abilities of Lactic Aoid Bacteria." Can. Journal Research, 1932. 7: 364-369. Mr, W.Sadler. Dr. B,A,Eagles and Miss G. Pendray: "Nitrogen Requirements of Lactic Acid Bacteria: II. Tho Influence of Defined Nitrogen Souroes on the Sugarfermenting Abilities of Lactic Acid Bacteria." Can. Journal Research, 1932. 7: 370-377. "The Nitrogen Requirements of the Lactic Acid Baoteria." Biochem. Journal, 1932. XXVI, 1532-35. Mr. W, Sadler and Dr. B,A,Eagles: "The Nitrogen Requirements of the Lactic Acid Bacteria: The Effect on the Sugar-fermenting Abilities of Enriching Peptio Caseinogen Digest Broth with Yeast Extract." Biochem. Jour. 1933, XXVII: 771-777. Dr. B.A.Eagles and Mr. W..Sadler: "Casein-splitting Abilities of Lactic Acid Bacteria." Can. Journal Research, 1933, 9: 44-48.  DEPARTMENT .OF POULTRY HUSBANDRY: #  Mr,Jacob Biely, Mr. E.A.Lloyd and Mr. William Roach: "Pullorum Disease." Mimeographed Bulletin, Dep't. of Agric,, Victoria, B.C. 1933,  # Reported under Faculty of Arts and Science- Dep't. of Bacteriology.  #  Mr, Jacob Biely and Ml as V, Elvira Palmer: "The Etiology of Fowl Paralysis," (A Review of literature) . Vet. Record, VII? (8312) 1932. pp. 1302-1309. "The Antirachitic Value of Pilchard Oil (Sardine Oil) for Growing Chicks," Scientific Agriculture, 14 (2) 1933, Mr. Jacob Bioly, Miss V.Elvira Palmer and Mr. I. Michael Pernor:  # #  "Fowl Paralysis (Heurolymphomatosis gallinarum) in Chicks under Three Months of Age. " • Canadian Journal Research 8, 1933, pp, 305-311. Mr. Jacob Biely, Miss V. Elvira Palmer, Mr. I« Michael Pernor and Pr.,V. 5'. Ismundgon! "Inheritance of Resistance to Fowl Paralysis (Neurolymphomatosis gal'linarum)." Scienee 78, 1933, p. 42,  #  Mr. Jacob Bioly, EEL as V» Elvira Palmer and Mr. E.A.Lloyd: "Fowl Paralysis (ITeurolymphomatosis gallinarum)," Fifth World's Poultry Congress, Rome, Italy, 1933,  #  Mr. Jacob Biely and I W i l l i a m Roach: "Further Studies on the Comparative Value of the Rapid Whole Blood (Stained Antigen) Agglutination Test and the Serum Agglutination Test for Pullorum Disease," (In Press). Dr. V.S.Asmundson and Mr. I. Michael Lerner: "Inheritance of Rate of Growth in Domestic Fowl" Poultry Science, XII, Ho. 4, July, 1933, Dr. V.S.Asmundson and Dr. J. G. Jervis. University of California and University of British Columbia; "The Effect of Resection of Different Parts of the Oviduct on the Formation of'the HenJs Egg." Journal of Exp. Zoology, Vol, 65, Jffo* 3, 1933. Mr, K. Masui, Mr. Y. Hashimoto and Mr. E.A.Lloyd: '"Sexing Baby Chicks" - Text Book on the Determimtion of the Sex of Baby Chicks. Journal Printing Co., Vancouver, B.C.  $ Reported under Faculty of Arts and Science (Dep*t, of Bacteriology).  


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