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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADELIIC YEAR ENDING AUGUST 51st., 1939.  PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS and SCIENC5  "Lowered Resistance" - and Some Fallacies Regarding it.  "Further Studies on Transfer of Infection by Handshakes" Helen M. Mathews. Canadian Public Health Association. "Control of^ Ba ciliary White Diarrhoea^Infection of  #  #  "Effects of Baoillary White Diarrhoea Infection on  Also Reported in Department of Poultry Husbandry  Department of Botany. " A Biohydrograph^cal Investigation^of^the sea^adjacent  Department of Botany (continued) "Seasonal Fluctuations in the Chemical and Physical Properties of the Waters of the Strait of Georgia A. H. Hutchinson and C. C. Lucas, and K. McPhail. "The Effect of the Fraser River on the Waters and Plankton Pan Pacific Scientific Congress, May, 1929. "An abnormality of potatoes, probably Blind Tuber"  K  "A Comparative study of Sclerotinia trifoliorum" Eriksson; and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Libert) Massee;  Department of Chemistry. "The Hydrocarbons in Peruvian Petroleum Having Boiling ^rans. Royal Society of Canada. 2X1I. 359, (1928). "The Effect^of Absorbed Gas on^the Contact Resistance of  "An Improved Laboratory Rectifying Column"  Effect of High Frequency Discharges on the Dissociation  'Cathodic Halog3nr - Clarkand  Ball.  (54), 119,  1929)  Department of Education "Progress, Degeneracy and Education" a.M.Weir. Proceedings of the Saskatchewan Education Association (1928). "Some Educational Purposes and Processes." Proceedings of the Saskatchewan Education "Modern Education -  The Junior High School."  Proceedings of the Saskatchewan Education "Sidelights on Curriculum Building." G. M. Weir. Proceedings of the Saskatchewan Education Association (1928).  Proceedings of the Saskatchewan Trustees  Department of English. "The Canon of Peele's Works." "The Father of George Peele". "The Early Years of George Peele." T. larsen. Trans. Roy. Soc. Canada "The Earliest English Essayists."  Department of English (continued "The Unity of the Humanities".  "Themas Hardy". G. G. Sedgewick. Proceedings Pacific North-West library Association  Department cf Geology and Geography. "The Relationships of Ore Deposits to Minor Igneous Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. "Physiography of the Southern Plains of Alberta"  "Geology of Southern Alberta £.nd Southwestern Saskatchewan." M.Y.Williams and W. S. Dyer. Memoir Geological Survey of Canada." "Calgary Map Sheet and^Section Supplement  "Marine Pa^aeontc)logy^of Southern Alberta and Southwestern  "The Silurian System of Canada." Geological Survey of Canada, 1929. "Report on the Topley Area, B.C." Geological Survey of Canada.  Institute'of Jnterr.ational" Relations University of "Makers of Qi',e-en' s. George M„ Grant."  Department of History.  Book Review  Bolton, "History of the America."  "Canada's New^International Responsibilities." University of Washington Press, July, 1929 Also published in November issue:, of the  Department of Mathematics. "The Ellipsoidal Pendulum" D. Buchanan. Transactions of the Royal Soc. of Canada. Vol. XXII, Section III (1928) pp. 193-209  Department of Mathematics (continued  "The Pendulim Orbit^of the Normal Hydrogen  "Second Genus Orbits ^ear the Arc Orbits of the  "Periodic Orbits for Atoms of the Helium Type." the Direct Product of a Division and a Total Matrie Algebra." F. S. Nowlan. Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society. (In Press).  Department of Modern languages. "Selections from la Bruyere' H. Ashton. Cambridge University Press  Benn's Sixpenny Series Department of Zoology. "International Cooperation in the Investigation of Pelagic Fish Eggs and larvae." . C. Meltan Fras e r. Proceedings of the Third Pacific Sciencc Congress. Tokyo, Vol. 1. "National Methods for the Protection of useful Aquatic Animals and Plants of the Pacific." Proceedings of the Third Pacific Scicnce Congress.  Department of Zoology, n  Serica"°° d  B  continued  ° r e *" S  0 f  t h e  P a c i f i c  V^ n S |xiI° n Sect^ a l  Coast of North  Canadard.Series.  "^iganteus^Deshayes?" ° f  t h e  B U  ^t6r ^ ^  S a x i d o m u s  "External Parasites of Certain Birds of British Columbi la, u. J. Spencer. Canadian Entomologist. "S^Spencer^ R U d i S ( Canadian Entomologist "fiower^Bee11e&"6 ° f  F a b r , )  a s  E u p h o r b i a  h o s t £  i n d a  o f  Linn  Dermestids."  * » t h e Bumble  S9th^Annual Report of the Entomological Society of "point^' 0 ^." h e a? e j S °S - 1 " 9 2 8 ' a r o u n d Vancouver, especially  Department of Zoology (continued) "The Cabbage Root Maggot Attacking Carnations (Later Identified as Hylemyia brunescens Zitt."). G.J.Spencer. Proceedings of Entomological Society of British Columbia, No. 25.  FACULTY 07 APPLIES SCIENCE Department of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. "High Frequency Bridge Measurements" Dr. H. Vickers. American Institute of Electrical Engineers.  American*Inst. of Electrical Engineers Department of Nursing and Health. "Taking the Cure in Tuberculosis" Dr. H. W. Hill. Provincial Board pf Health of B.C. "The New Method of Vaccination* McBeath Campbell Ltd.(Bulletin, Vancouver Medical Assoc.) "Undulant Fever in British Columbia" Bulletin, Vancouver Medical Assoc. "Definitions^of Some Terms used in Public Health" Also reprinted as pamphlets for distribution by the ^Report on Hospitals and Nurses" Training Schools in Dep't. of Health and Public Welfare, Manitoba Prov.Gov't  FACULTY 0? AGRICULTURE Department of Animal Husbandry. "Dairy Farming in British Columbia." Faculty of Agriculture Bulletin Ho. 12. Published by the Department of Agriculture, Victoria,B.C  Department of Dairying. "A Study of Some Types of Bacteria which Produce a Transactions Royal Society of Canada, 1928, Third "The Proportion of the Citrates of Milk Incorporated Transactions°Royal Society of Canada, 1928, Third "The Use of a Steam Sterilizer for Dairy Utensils Scientific Agriculture, 1929, Vol. IX, No. 6. Ottawa. "Further Data on the Produces "Caramel" Wilfrid Sadler. Transactions Royal Vol. XXII, Section  Streptococcus Lactis Strain that Odour and Flavour in Dairy Products." Society of Canada, 1928, Third Series V, Ottawa.  "Dairy Bacteriology in Scandinavia." Scientific Agriculture, 1928, Vol. VIII, No. 9, Ottawa. "The Casein-Splitting Properties of Starters." Chr. Barthel and Wilfrid Sadler. Transactions Royal Society of Canada, 1928, Third Series Vol. XXII, Section V, Ottawa. Meddelande No. 343 (Experimentalfaltet, Sweden). Same paper read at the World's Dairy Congress (Great Britain) - 1928 - and published in English .French and German.  Department of Dairying (continued) "Cheshire Cheese". Part l."A Preliminai Study of the Bacterial Content. Wilfrid Sad] Part II."The Classification of Certain Organisms Isolated." sms Isc S. Orla-Jensen, A.D.Orla-Jensen and Wilfrid Sadler. Scientific Agriculture, 1929, Vol. IX, No,  "The Vitamin^Value of Milk and Milk Products." Annual Report of the Western Canada Livestock  Annual Report of the Western Canada Livestock "Bacteria and Flavours." Wilfrid Sadler. Western Canada Dairy Convention Proceedings, 1929,  Scientific Agriculture, Vol. X, No. 2, 1929. Biological Board of Canada, Bulletin, No. 12.  Department of Horticulture, "An Economic Study of the Tree Fruit Industry of the Bulletin No. 13, Faculty of Agriculture. "An Economic Study of the Tree Fruit Industry of the Okanagan Valley." Popular circular - prepared by L. S. Mallory. Published by the Department of Agriculture, Victoria, B.C  Department of Poultry Husbandry. "The First Year Egg Production Barred Plymouth Rocks. V.S.Asmundson. Scientific Agriculture, 1928, Vol. IX, No. 2. "Fish Oils as Sources of Vitamin D for Poultry." V.S. Asmundson, W. J. Allardyce and J. Biely. Scientific Agriculture, 1929, Vol. IX, No. 9. #  "Effect of Bacillary White  Diarrhoea Infection on  §  Also reported in Bacteriology.  


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