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[Publications 1943/44] University of British Columbia 1944

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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COHJMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YUAR 2KDED AUGUST 31, 1944. PUBLICATIONS 81 FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE Department of Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine Abstract _: Baoterlal food poisoning. Digest of treatment 7: Abstract: Observations on the antigenic properties of staphylococcus enterotoxin. Canadian journal of public health Abstract: A mouse protection test for cholera vaocine. Canadian journal of public health 35i92 February 1944. Department of Chemistry The density and transition points of̂ the n-paraffin hydrocarbons. American chemical society. Journal 66:17^-82 February 1944- MARSHALL, M.J. The Molecular Complexity of Some Cases in the High Frequenoy Discharge. Electrochemical society. Transactions, 84:109-20 1943 ^The heat capaoity'of carbon tetrachloride from 15 to 300°K; the heats of transition and of fusion; the entropy from thermal measurements compared with the entropy from molecular data. American chemical society. Journal 66:1064-7 July 1944. Department of Classics Review: Yale classical studies, volume 8. Classical philology Department of Commerce Aiding Trans-Canada airways. Public affairs 7:144-7 June 1944. Rate control of public utilities in British Columbia. Canadian journal of economics and political science 10:381-90 August 1944. Department of Economics, Political Science and Sociology British Columbia and its people. Ottawa, King's printer,1945. (Canada, Wartime information board. Canadian affairs vol.2 Department of Economics, Political Science and Sociology (Continued) Rural case work^services, New York, Family welfare association Canadian^penal institutions. Revised edition. Toronto, Ryerson Recent trands^in Canadian penal institutions. Prison world 6:4 Department of Education The unit method of teaching in the secondary school. School (Secondary edition) 32:114-17 October 1943. The'remedial reading program. Wilson library bulletin 18:160-3 Reporting P^Pll progress, School (Elementary and secondary The'effect on scores of'warning junior high school pupils of ooming tests. Journal of educational research 37:290-6 Department of Geology and Geography WILLIAMS, M.Y. Geological reconnaissance along the Alaska highway from Fort Nelson, B.C, to Watson Lake, Yukon. Ottawa, King's printer, 1944. (Canada. Geological survey. Paper 44-28 with map) The stratigraphy and palaeontology of Hong Kong and the New Territories.^ Royal society of Canada. Transaction ser 3,37, Stratigraphy and structure in Mount Hulcross-Commotion Creek map-area British Columbia. Summary account by R.T.Wickinden and G. Shaw - an appraisal. Western miner 17:47-8 August 1944. Geology and prospecting. Miner 17:27-9 February 1944. WARREN, H.7. and Thompson, R.M. Indium in British Columbia. Miner 16:39-40 December 1943. Tin in western Canada. Western miner 17:40-6 August 1944. Department of History SAGE, W.N. Amor De Cosmos, journalist and politician. British Columbia historical quarterly 8:189-212 July 1944. Frederic William Howay, 1867-1943. Canadian historical review Frederic William'Howay (1867-1943): historian of British Columbia. British Columbia historical quarterly 8:4-5 January 1944. Graduate training in Canadian universities with special reference to the requirements for the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. Ottawa, Canadian social science research council, January 1944. 40 P. The problem of conservatism in fifteenth century England Review: Mowat, R.B, and Slosson, Preston. History of the English-speaking peoples. American journal of sociology 50:154 Department of Mathematics BUCHANAN, Daniel The geopolitical relationship of Canada to the rest of the world (In Fitzgibbon, Russell H., ed. Global politics. Berkeley, University of California press, 1944. p. 79-89) Periodic and asymptotic orbits in a five-body problem, Canadian journal of research 22 sec A:l-25 January 1944. Periodic orbits for four finite bodies with repulsive and attractive forces. Royal society of Canada. Transactions G An'arithmetical identity. Royal society of Canada. Transactions Department of Philosophy and Psychology IRVING, J.A. British Columbia stuients discuss life and religion United Church observer 6:5, 24 March 1, 1944. The discussion on religion and life at the University of British Columbia. Western recorder 19:3-4 February 1944. The psychological analysis of wartime rumor patterns in Canada. Canadian psychological association. Bulletin 3:40-4 October 1943. Psychology - a guide to reading. Ottawa, Canadian legion educational services, June 1944. 20 p. Department of Philosophy and Psychology (Continued) Coiumbi*1)QND 26*7*14 ̂ ^1944 c h r o n l , C L E U N I V ER SI T3 R o f British Social̂ changê and̂ education̂  Graduate chronicle (The University Department of Physios HENNINGS, A.E. The synthesis of light. American Journal of physios 12$232 The temperature of the solar ohromosphere. Royal astronomical society of Canada. Journal 38:137-42 April 1944. Applied electron microscopy. Canadian journal of research 21 sec A:89-98 November 1943. Line intensitieŝ and sjl®r curve of growth. Astrophysical Aspergillosis in a Thayer gull. Murrelet 24:29 May-August 1943 Economic status of the pheasant on the cultivated lands of the Okanagan valley, British Columbia. British Columbia. Department of provincial game commission. Report 1942: M49-M62 1943. Notes on the life history find morphology of cephenemyia jellisoni Townsend and lipoptena depressa Say, two dipterous parasites of the Columbiam black-tailed deer (odocoileus hemionus columbianus (Richardson) Canadian journal of research 21 sec D;171-87 June SPENCER, G.J. A note on m mouldy hay. ites (Acarina) and aspergillus (fungus) in baled Entomological society of British Columbia. Pro-ceedings 40:9-10 September 1943. On the oviposition habits of the Australian cookroaoh, periplaneta australasiae (Fabr). Entomological society of British Columbia. Some records of long-legged flies from British Columbia (diptera: dolichopodidae). Entomological society of British Columbia. FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering COULTKARD, W.B, Cascading of induction motors mechanically coupled to A,C, commutator motors. Franklin institute, Journal 236:167-90 August 1943, FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE Department of Horticulture HARRIS, G.H. Some effects of micro-elements on growth and storage of carrots and turnips. American society for horticultural science. Proceedings 43: 219-24 1943, Department of Poultry Husbandry BIELY, Jacob The avian leucosis complex. A note on avian osteopetrosis. Canadian journal of comparative medicine 7:276-9 September 1943,


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