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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDED AUGUST 31, 1942. PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE Department of  Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine ' The changing place of  the laboratory in public health Canadian public health journal 33:lo5-97 May 1942. A new phage and a susceptible W form  of  S typhi isolated from  a typhoid fever  case. Canadian public health journal Staphylococcus enterotoxin. Pacific  science congress, 6th Abstract: E. Kuitunen-Ekbaum. Phenothiazine in the treatment of  enterobiasis. Canadian public health journal 32:308-June 1941. Biological abstracts 15:24519 Abstract: L. Greenberg. Single colony isolation of  anaerobes. Canadian public health journal 32:314-6 June 1941. Biological abstracts 15:24098 December 1941. Abstract: Laurella McClelland and Ronald Hare. The adsorption of  influenza  virus by red cel ls and a new in v i tro method of measuring antibodies for  influenza  virus. Canadian public health journal 32:530-8 October 1941. *The oral immunization of  trout against bacterium salmonicida. Department of  Biology and Botany HUTCHINSON, A.H. and Farley, II.IJ. Seed development in medicago (alfalfa)  hybrids, I The normal ovule, Canadian journal of  research 19 C:421-37 November 1941. Carotone^in feed  grasses. ^Canadian journal of  research Department of  Chemistry The viscosity of  cis and trans decahydronaphthalene. American chemical society. Journal. 64:1912-16 August 1942. Department of  Classics Ar istot le 's pol i t ics, IV, xii,11-13; text and interpretation. .American journal of  philology 62:416-25 October 1941. Caesura rediviva. Classical philology 37:22-37 January 1942. Sense and^sound in^classical poetry. Classical quarterly MCKAY, L.A Notes < philology Horace (Odes I , i 37:79-81 January 1; Epistles, 1,1,38) Classical 1942. William Morris's translation of  the Odyssey. Journal of English and Germanic philology 40:558-61 October 1941. Department of  Commerce Canadian-American economic relations in the present war. Pacific^coast^economic  association. Proceedings, 1941. Canadian economic development. Toronto, Nelson, 1942. Review: Richard Finnie, Canada moves north, northwest quarterly 23:364-5 July 1942. Department of  Education Pacific The administration of  education in Ontario. (Revision by Department of  educational research. Educational series'no.l ) The^small high school. School (Secondary edition) 30:25-30 An experimental comparison of  algebraic reading practice and the solving of  additional verbal problems in tenth grade algebra. Mathematics teacher 34:347-52 December 1941. Is'your child mentally healthy? Vancouver Sun, Healthy Children, Special supplement p. 2 February 26, 1942. RUSSELL, D.H. and Tyler, F.T. Special education in Canada. School (Elementary and secondary editions) 30:882-9 June 1942 Department of  Education (Continued) Subject matter disabi l i t ies. School (Elementary and secondary editions) 30:471-5 February 1942. Voluntary reading and academic achievements in two Canadian high schools. School review 50:112-20 February 1942. With books and magazines. Understanding the child 11 Department of  English Kittredge of  Harvard. Dalhousie review 22:81-6 April Department of  Geology and Geography WILLIAMS, 1-1.Y., Schwartz, C.K. and others Correlation of  Silurian formations  of  North America. Geological society of  America. Bulletin 53:533-8 April 1942, Notes'on the fauna  of  Bruce peninsula, Manitoulin and adjacent islands. Canadian field-naturalist  56:60-2, 70-81, 92-3 Oil in north-eastern British Columbia. Miner 15:30-1 Oil possibi l i t ies , north eastern British Columbia. Miner Progress - planned or improvised. Royal society of  Canada Transactions ser 3, 35, sec. 4:151-65 1941. V I S , R e l i e f  features  of  southern British Columbia. (In Freeman,O.W. and Martin, H.H. j eds. The Pacifio  northwest. Now York,Wiley, ^^^A mineralogical study of  the gold in^some Bralorne mill W A 'R R 2 NThe*s izo and mineralogical distribution of  gold particles- in a flotation  tai l ing sample, Britannia, B.C. Minor 14:50-4 RR3TSome notes on a gold-tungsten occurrence in the Bridge River WA.RREN̂ JEL the search for  Slocan ore WARREN, H.V. Articles and annual reviews: and Financial news. Department of  History Vancouver Daily Province Review: C.M.Gates, ed. Readings in Pacific  northwest quarterly ^ l ^ r A p r i P l i i ! 9 5 ' B r i t i s h C o l u m b i a historical Review: Jules LeChevallier, O.II.I. Batoche: les missionaires du nord-ouest ? e n d a ^ t g ^ e g troubles de 1885. Canadian Review: The relations of  Canada and the United States. British Columbia historical quarterly 6:216-25 July 1942. The fourth  climacteric of  the second world war. British- Columbia ^ i v e r s i t y . Alumni association. Graduate chronicle 4:2-3 Our modern world, 1775-1941. Ottawa, Canadian legion war services^inc^. ^ j ? 1 ? 4 1 ^ (Courses for  service men. Social Sir Robert Borden and Canada's external policy, 1911-1920. Canadian historical association. Annual report 1941:65-82 1941. Winston_Churchill,^freedom's^champion.  Toronto, Oxford Review: Virginia Hancock. The purchase of  Alaska; contemporary opinion. British Columbia historical quarterly 6:73 January Reviews: Other reviews in the Vancouver Daily Province. Assisted in editing section on Canada for  the 1942 edition of the annual publication Pol i t ical handbook of  the world. Department of  Mathematics Second^genus crossed^orbits. Canadian journal of  research Trojan satel l i tes (limiting case)^Royal society of  Canada. Central chains of  ideals in an associative ring. Duke mathematical journal 9:341-55 June 1942. Department of  Modern Languages CLARK, A.F.B. The Turk and the French mind. University of  Toronto quarterly 11:225-31 January 1942. Handbook of  Hispanic source materials and research organizations Ij^jj}® United States. Toronto, University of Department of  Philosophy and Psychology ^ Special education'in Canada. School (Elementary and Department of  Physios A* note on exchange tensor forces  in heavy nuclei. Physical Tensor forces  and heavy nuclei. Physical review 62;126-33 Department of  Zoology Conservation report for  British Columbia. Canadian conservation association. Transactions 1:27-39 1941. Contributions to the life-history  of  the sockeye salmon. Paper 27. British Columbia. Department of  provincial 'Fossil and subfossil  mammals from  the quaternary of British Columbia, Royal society of  Canada. Transactions Termite-eating birds in British Columbia. Auk 59:4^1 SPENCER, G.J. Insects and other arthropods in buildings in British Columbia Entomological society of  British Columbia, Proceedings 39:23-9 October 10, 1942, A note on laelius sp., a parasite of  the carpet beetle anthrenus scrophulariae (L.)(Hymenoptera, Bethylidae) Entomological society of  British Columbia. Proceedings A preliminary list of  the neuroptera of  British Columbia. Entomological society of  British Columbia. Proceedings Two unusual larval habitats of  tabanids (Dipteral Entomologicaljociety^of^British  Columbia. Proceedings FACULTY OF AFPT.nm SCIENCE Department of  Mining; and Metallurgy Researched tho mining industry. Miner 14:39-43 GILLIES, G.A., Lyle, A.G. and Runkle, J.D. A graphical method for  evaluating selective flotation  tests Mining technology 6, 1409:1-12 January 1942 (Technical publication no. 1409) Department of  Nursing and Health Public nurses in Canada. Canadian nurse 38:42-3 Department of  Mechanical and Electrical Aigjnoering Operational methods of  dealing with circuits excited by sinusoidal^impulses^ Canadian journal of  research Combustion efficiencies  as related to performances  of domestic heating plants. I l l ino i s . Uhiversity. Engineering experiment station. Circular 44:1-30 1942, FACUITY OF AGRICULTURE Department of  Agricultural Economics CL2MENT, F.M. and Forshaw, R.P. A factual  survey of  the Fraser valley dairy industry and the greater Vancouver fluid  milk market, Vancouver, B.C. 1942. 71p. (Mimeographed for  associations and of f ic ial bodies) Department of  Animal Husbandry BERRY, J.C. Livestock and dairy farming.  Ottawa, Canadian legion war services, inc., (cl942) (Courses for  service men. Vocational agriculture. Text-booklets 1,3) Mating systems used in some leading British Columbia dairy herds. American dairy science association. Western division Portland, Oregon. Proceedings 27:35-45 October 5, 1941. (Mimeographed) Department of  Poultry Husbandry BIELY, Jacob, Fisher, Herbert and Inkster, Cameron. Ineffectiveness  of  cow urine in the control of  eimoria tenella infection  in chickens. American journal of Poultry keeping. Victoria, B.C., Department of  education. (1941) (Vocational corrospondence courses) (Mimeographed) BIELY, Jacob, Bil l ings, F.L., Fisher, Herbert and Hedreen,Carl. The riboflavin  content of  fish  products. Journal of


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