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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDING- AUGUST 31st, 1936, PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY.-AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE Dr. C. E. Dolman "A Recent Outbreak of Haemorrhagic Smallpox in British Columbia.» Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol.27,p.367, 1936. "A New Method of Detecting Staphylococcus Enterotoxin." Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol.27, p.489, 1936. "A Recent Outbreak of Staphylococcal Food Poisoning in Vancouver." Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol.27, p.494, 1936. "Bacteriological Research in Relation to Health and Health, Vol. 4, No. 3, p.65, 1936. "The Role of Antitoxic Immunity in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of Staphylococcal Infection." Proceedings of the Second International Microbiological Congress, London, August, 1936. Dr. D. C. B. Duff: "Quantitative Estimation of Indol by Means of Dialysis." Canadian Publio Health Journal, Vol. 27, p» 141, 1936. DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY: Dr. A. H« Hutchinson: "The Polygonal Presentation of Polyphase Phenomena." Proceedings Royal Society of Canada, III, Vol.30, Sec. 5, Pp» 19-26. with three plates, 1936. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: Dr. E. H. Archibald and Mr. Gilbert Hooley: "Atomic Weight of Rubidium." J. Amer. Chem.Soc., April, 1936. Department of Chemistry - continued; Mr. H. J. Bremner and Dr. R. H. Clark: "The Effect of Hormones and Bios Extracts on Amylase Activity." Roy. Soc. Can. XXX, III, 145, 1956. Dr. W. F. Sever and Mr. Re id Fordyce: "The Mutual Solubilities of Hydrocarbons - The Freezing Point Curves of Dotriacontane in Propane and Butane." J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 58, 2029, 1936. Dr. W. F. Seyer and Mr. L. Hodnett: "The System Caprylene-Sulphur Dioxide." J.Amer. Chem. Soc. 58, 996, 1936. Dr. W. F. Seyer and Mr. H. Godard: "Determination of Sodium Chloride in Air." Trans. Roy. Soc. Can. Vol. XXX, p. 85* 1936. Dr. W. F. Seyer and Mr. R. Donald: "The Corrosion of Milk Tins in Ocean Transit.u Can. Chem. & Met. Vol. XX, No. 6, 1936. Mr. F. A. DeLisle, Mr. W.R.T.Fowler. Mr. E.L.Eovell and Dr. William Ure: "The Thermal Decomposition of Crotonaldehyde." Trans. Roy. Soc. Can* XXX, 1113, 65, 1936. DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, POLITICAL SCIENCE,COMMERCE AND SOCIOLOGY: Mr. H. F. Angus: Books: "Canada and her Great Neighbour" In Press. Book Reviews : "Numerous Book Reviews published in Vancouver Daily Province." Department of Economics - continued; 55. Mr. H. F. Angus - Articles: "Beating Swords into Ploughshares" Dalhousie Review, Vol, xv., No. 3, October, 1935. "Liberalism Stoops to Conquer" Canadian Forum, Deoember, 1935. "The University of British Columbia" in The Universities Review, Vol.8, No.2. April, 1936. "The Portent of Social Credit in Alberta" Pacific Affairs, Vol. ix, No. 3, 1936. Reprints: "Responsibility for Peace and War in the Pacific" A data paper for the To Semite Conference of I.P.R., Canadian Papers, Vol. II, No.5, 1936. "A Canadian Farewell" in a Japanese Journal (Japanese Title). Newspaper Articles: "The Economic Outlook for 1936" Vancouver Daily Province. Dr. G.W.Topping: Book Reviews: Vancouver Sunday Province, November 1, 1936. Article: "Sociological Research and Political Leadership" in Sociological and Social Research, Vol. 21, July - August, 1936. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION; Dr. W. G> Black: "The Development and Present Status of Teacher Education in Western Canada, with speoial reference to the Curriculum." Private Edition, Distributed by The University of Chicago Libraries, Chicago, 1936. DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY: Dr. R. W. Brock (Deceased): "Notes on the Pre-Cnmbrian of the Canadian Shield with Reference to Pre-Cambrian Nome nclature." Geol. Magazine, London, Vol. mill, No.861, Maroh, 1936. Dr. R.'.r.Brock(Deceased), Dr. S. J. Schofield. Dr.M.Y. Williams and Dr, W. L. Uglow. (Deceased): "Geological Map of Hong-Kong" Published by the War Office, England, December 1935« Dr. M. Y. Williams: "A Geological Map of the Manitoulin and Ad^aoent Islands" (Preliminary edition), Geol. Survey o£ ..Canada, 1936. Dr. H. V. Warren: "Distribution of Silver in Base-Metal Ores" Transo A.I.M.M., Vol. 115, 1935. Dr. H. V. Warren and Mr. J. M. Cummings: "Mineralogy of the W.W.W. Veins" B.C.Miner, Vol. 8, No. 10, p. 29, 1935. "Relationship of Gold and the Metallic Minerals in British Columbia." Roy.Soc«, Can. 193&. "Mineralogy at Nickel Plate Mine" B.C.Miner, May, 1936. "Mineralogy of the Surf Point and Hunter Veins" B.C.Miner, June, 1936. Department of Geology and Geography-* oontlfluefl Dr. H» V. Warren and Mr. J. M. Oummings: "Geology and Mineralogy of the Dentonia Mine" B.C.Miner, July, 1936. "Mineralogy of the Unuk Gold Group" B.O.Miner, August, 1936. Dr. Roy Graham: "Peimsylvanian Flora of Illinois IX," Bo-fc*Gaz.97: pp*156~l&8. "Anatomical Study of Carboniferous Arborescent Lycopods," Ann. Bot. 44: pp. 587-608. DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY: Mr. F. H. Soward: Book: "Civilization in Europe" Schapiro, Morris and Sowaid* Houghton, Mifflin Co., 193°• Magazine Articles: "Canada and Foreign Affairs" Canadian Historical Review, June,1936* Newspaper Articles: "A Survey of 1935," Vancouver Sunday Province, December S8,1935» Book Reviews: Numerous book reviews have been published in The Vancouver Sunday Province. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS: r. L. Richardson and Mr. W. H. Gage: Book: "Elementary Analytics Geometry" Copp, Clark Co., Toronto, 1956. Mr. W. H. Gage: Book Review: "Highlights of Astronomy, by Walter Bortky," Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, July, 193&. DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES: Dr. A. F. B. Clark: "Purity and Propaganda in Art and Literature" In University of Toronto Quarterly, July, 19^6. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS: Dr.G.M.Shrum and Mr. Thomas G. How: "A Note on the Spectroscopic Determination of tho Vitamin A Content of Pilchard Oil," Canadian Journal of Research, A, 13: 93-98,1925* DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY: Dr. C. McLean Fraser: "Some Japanese Hydroids mostly New." Trans. Roy. Soc.Can., (3) 29, sec. v, pp.105-112. "Hydroids from the West Coast of Vancouver Island" Can. Field-Naturalist, 29, No. 9, pp. 14-3-145. "Hydroids from the- Queen Charlotte Islands" Jour.Biol. Bd. of Canada, 1, (6) pp.503-507. "Report of the Associate Committee on Oceanography of the National Research Council" Eighteenth Ann. Rep.Nat.Res.Coun.for 1934-35,pp.99-101. "Oceanography in British Columbia for 1934." Trans.Am.Geophysical Union, Sixteenth Annual Meeting, Pt. i, pp. 216-218. Itr. G. J* Spenoer: "A Check-list of the Fleas of British Columbia with a Note on Fleas in Relation to Sawdust in Homes" Proceedings of the B.C.Entomological Society, 1936. "An Outbreak of Autographa californica Speyer around Kamloops Summer, 1934." Proceedings of the B.C.Entomologioal Society, 1936. FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING: Mr. C. Batho and Dr. S. D. Lash: "Further Investigations on Beam and Stanchion Connections, Including Connections Encased in Concrete; together with laboratory Investigations on a Full Scale Steel Frame." Published in Final Report of the Steel Structures Research Committee of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of England, Issued by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, England, May 1936. DEPARTMENT OF MINING AND METALLURGY: Mr. J. M. Turnbull: "The University of British Columbia Mining Department" Published in Special Mining Program Issued by Vancouver City Golden Jubilee Committee, July, 1936. FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF DAIRYING: Mr. Wilfrid Sadler, (Deceased). Dr. Blythe Alfred Eagles, Mr. John Francis Bowen and Mr0 Alexander James Wood: "Cheese-Ripening Studies - The Influence of Different Extracts on the Acid Production of Lactic Acid Bacteria." Canadian Journal of Research B, 14: 139-150,1936. Dr. KLvthe Alfred Eagles. Mr0 Alexander James Wood and Mr. John Francis Bowen: "CEheese-Ripening Studies - Wildiers' Bios and the Lactic Acid Bacteria. The Fractionation of Bios from Alfalfa and the Effect of the Fractions obtained on the Vital Activity of the Betacooci." Canadian Journal of Research B, 14: 151-154,1936. DEPARTMENT OF POULTRY HUSBANDRY: Mr* E. A. Lloyd: "Report on Breeding for Improved Meat and Egg Production in High Producing Strains of B&rred Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds and White Leghorns at The University of British Columbia." D6m* Gov*ti Report on Poultry Conference at Ottawa, Marchj 193b* Mr. J, Biely and Mr. W. Chalmers: "Vitamin A Requirements of Growing' Chicks. I* Can. Journal of Research, D014:21~24> 1936.


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