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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDED AUGUST 31, 1943 PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE Department of Bacteriology p.rJ. Provontivo Modlcine Bacterial fool poisoning. Canadian journal of public health RANTA, L. and Dolnan, C.,E. Observations on cholera vaccine. Canadian journal of public health 34:26-37 January 1943. Departnent of Biology and Botany Tho cascara tree in British Columbia. Victoria, King's printer, revised IJAZ.̂ ^ (British Columbia. Departnent of agrioulture. ALLARDYCE, John, Aldous, John and othors Effocts of visible radiations upon albino rats. American journal of physiology 137:761-8 Novonbor 1942. Department of Classics One circuit of tho sun: A dilemma. Royal society of Canada. Tho boaring of tho hunanitios on liberal oducation in the contonporary crisis. Canadian Hazen conforonoe, 2d. Report Froedon and authority. Canadian forum 22:295-7 January 194-3. Horaee Odes 1, 6, 2, Maeonii carninis alito. Classical On"?atavinity" Classical philology 38:44-5 January 194-3. Department of Commerce Lot there bo trade. Quarterly journal of comerce 9:253-60 The^raiiways talk back. Quarterly journal of commeroe 9s246-52 Review: C. E. Puffor. Air transportation, and 0. J. Lissitzyn. International air transport and national policy. Canadian journal of economics and political science 8tll3-l6 February 194-5. Department of Education TYLER, F, T. Advance notice of examination makes little difference in students' marks. (Report on thesis by T. M. Chalmers.) School 31:889-90 June 1943. The^aims of secondary school mathematics. B.C.teacher Graduate students investigate formation of concepts. (Report on by A. E. Dickinson and J. E. Wood.) School 31:888-9 Studieŝ of children's reasoning. Psychological bulletin This proves... School (Secondary edition) 31: 674-8 April What does this prove? School (Secondary edition) 31:808-13 Acceleration easily possible for' capable high school students. WILLIAMS, M. Y. Notes on the fauna of Bruce Peninsula, Manitoulin and adjacent islands. Canadian field-naturalist 5&:60-l, 70-81, 92-3 April, May, September 1942. Roy Graham - a biographical sketch. Miner 16:52-4 April 1943. The flammulated screech owl at Kamloops. Canadian field- naturalist 56:138 November and Decembor 1942. ^Geology and mineral resources of British Columbia. Miner Department of History ^British^olumbia'and the United States, Toronto, The Ryerson press, 1942. xv, 408 pp. (Relations of Canada and tho United Reviews Rome, David. The first two years: A record of the Jewish pioneers on Canada's Pacific^coast, 1858̂ 60. Canadian Dopartmont of History (Continued 85 SOWARD, F. H. (Continued) Review: George W. Brown. Building the Canadian nation. British Columbia historical quarterly 7:68-9 January 1943. -̂ xux&xi review:i2a99'200IJunS"l943° u n e u a r d e d Pacific historical Various reviews in the Vancouver daily province. Assisted in editing section on Canada for the 1943 edition of the annual publication Political handbook of tho world. Medieval gildŝ reconsidered. Journal of economic history Social control in the medieval town. Journal of economic history 1: Supplement 39-52 December 1941. Review: P. C. Diotz. An economic history of England. Journal Review: H. E. Matthews, ed. Proceedings of the company of soapmakers, 1362-1642 (Bristol record society's publications vol. 10, 1940) Economic history review 11:110-11 1941. Department of Mathematics An'arithmetical identity for the form ab - c2. American mathematical Department of Modern Languages CLARK, A. F. B. Review: J. R. Miller. Boiloau en France au xviii0 siecle. Modern language notes 58:301-3 April 194-3. tudy*of Frenoh still worth while? B. C. teacher 22:45 M°The'effect of emotional difficultieŝ on the well-being and safety Department of Zoology CLEMENS, W. A. Contributions to the life-history of the sockeye salmon Paper 28. British Columbia. Department of provincial fisheries. Report 1942: 31-42 1943. Department of Civil Engineering Effect of variation of elastic characteristics on static unknowns. American society of civil engineers. Paper no. 2181 Reprinted from its Transactions 108:317-52 January 1942. ^Analysing flow from multiple reservoirs by the Hardy Cross method. Engineering news record 128:408-9 Maroh 12, 1942. Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering The theory of cascading of induction motors mechanically coupled to A.C. commutator motors. Franklin institute. Journal Department of Mining and Metallurgy T*?heUyoung"technical graduate after the war. Canadian institute of mining and metallurgy. Bulletin 371:80-4 March 1943. ^°The^British* Columbia war metals research board. Ganadian institute of mining and metallurgy. Bulletin 374:275-9 1943 (Paper delivered by author at the annual western meeting of the Canadian institute of mining and metallurgy, Vancouver, Dopartr.-jr.t of Nursing r-~nd Health D°Periodic health examinations in industry. ^jSport of the ̂public health section. Canadian nurse 38:688-98 Canadian nurse FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE Department of Animal Husbandry BERRY, J. C. Livostook and dairy farming. Ottawa, Canadian legion war services, inc. (cl943) (Courses for sorvice men Vocational agriculture. Text-booklet 4)


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