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The Banff International Research Station (BIRS) is a joint Canada-US-Mexico initiative that seeks to bring together people from a wide range of mathematical, scientific and industry backgrounds and to create a forum for the exchange of knowledge and methods between these specialists. The BIRS Workshop Lecture Videos are primary research data in the disciplines of mathematics, statistics and theoretical computer science.

Latest Videos

 Likelihood-based Inference of Phylogenetic Networks from Sequence Data by PhyloDAG

Roos, Teemu – Feb 17, 2017
33 minutes

Maximum Parsimony on Phylogenetic Networks

Fischer, Mareike – Feb 17, 2017
27 minutes


Feijao, Pedro – Feb 17, 2017
35 minutes

The History Bound (on the number of recombinations needed) now has a static definition, but does it help?

Gusfield, Dan – Feb 16, 2017
40 minutes

Orthology relations: From trees to networks

Huber, Katharina – Feb 16, 2017
27 minutes

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