International Conference of Institutes and Libraries for Chinese Overseas Studies (WCILCOS) (5th : 2012)

Henry Yu - Chinese Canadian Stories Project WCILCOS 2012 Yu, Henry


Since joining UBC in 2003, Prof. Henry Yu has worked closely with local community groups in Vancouver and across B.C. to recover the lost and ignored histories of trans-Pacific migrants to Canada. In particular, the understudied history of Chinese Canadians, who now make up over a third of the population of Vancouver and who have been the largest group of immigrants to Canada over the last two decades, has been the focus of his scholarly research, undergraduate and graduate student training, and community outreach initiative. He is the Director of the Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies ( at UBC, and the Project Lead for the $1.175 million “Chinese Canadian Stories” project ( involving UBC, SFU, and a wide spectrum of academic and community collaborators. Prof. Yu is currently working on a trio of book projects that each aim to provide new perspectives on global and migration history–1) “Pacific Canada,” which explores the history of Canada as an engagement between trans-Pacific migrants, trans- Atlantic migrants, and First Nations and aboriginal peoples, 2) “The Cantonese Pacific,” which argues for the importance of understanding three centuries of trans-Pacific migration in the making of the contemporary world, and 3) “How Tiger Woods Lost His Stripes,” which examines the fascination with interracial sex.

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