Investigating Our Practices (IOP)

Perspective Transformation through Professional Development : Experiences of University Teachers in Pakistan Jumani, Nabi Bux; Ajmal, Fouzia; Malik, Samina


In spite of the complexity of teaching, learning to teach in universities is generally a matter of experience rather than training (Putnam & Borko, 2000). But in today’s era it is indispensable for the university teachers to get acquainted with “how to teach” component. In accordance with the Higher Education Commission Pakistan’s initiative to give in-service training to university teachers, Department of Education International Islamic University Islamabad had arranged a 03 days professional development workshop on “Demands of Teaching Profession”. A group of 35 faculty members from different departments of the university benefited from it. One month after the workshop the participants were interviewed about their experiences with the workshop and how it benefited them? The theoretical ground of the study was Mezirow’s (2006) Perspective Transformation Theory, according to which learners undergo a conscious recognition of difference between old viewpoint and the new one and value the new gained perspective by transforming the actions. The interviews were analyzed by utilizing thematic approach. The respondents were of the view that when they were being nominated for the workshop they did not had the idea what they need to know about the demands of teaching profession. But after attending the workshop and discussing their teaching worldview with the other participants during group activities of workshop their perspective has been transformed. They are observing professional ethics more consciously. They are trying to follow professional ethics and trying to develop balanced personalities of students. They have tried to transform their practices according to standards.

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