Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information (CSSQI) (10th : 2010)

Adiabatic Quantum Computation, Decoherence-Free Subspaces & Noiseless Subsystems, and Dynamical Decoupling Lidar, Daniel


The second part of the day will start by covering several advanced topics in AQC, including a sketch of the proof of the equivalence between AQC and the circuit model, rigorous formulations of the adiabatic theorem, the geometry of AQC, and a time-optimized ("brachistochrone") approach to AQC. We'll then switch gears and provide an introduction to decoherence-free subspaces, noiseless subsystems, dynamical decoupling, and hybrid methods in which they are combined. The emphasis will be on the underlying unifying symmetry principles which enable quantum errors to be avoided by encoding. Time permitting, we'll return to AQC and discuss how it can be made resilient to decoherence.

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