Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) (45th : 2016)

Students, Librarians, and Opportunities at the Intersection of Information Literacy & Scholarly Communication Riehle, Catherine Fraser; Hensley, Merinda Kaye


Movement is afoot at the intersection of information literacy and scholarly communication. In a 2013 white paper, the ACRL’s Intersections of Scholarly Communication and Information Literacy Task Force articulated three intersections in particular: publication economics, digital literacies, and librarians’ changing roles (ACRL, 2013). A book published the same year (Davis-Kahl & Hensley, 2013) provided a variety of examples documenting librarians engaging students and disciplinary faculty at these intersections, and a growing bibliography (ACRL, 2013) linked on the Intersections page features over fifty citations to relevant articles, book chapters, conference presentations, and proceeding papers. While work from The Center for Studies in Higher Education (Harley et al, 2010) focused on understanding the scholarly communication needs and practices of faculty, absent from this conversation so far is research related to students’ awareness and understanding of these important topics. To inform the development of programming, collaborations, and other work at this intersection, presenters will share findings from a mixed methods research study conducted at two major research universities in the United States and designed to shed light on undergraduate students’ knowledge and perceptions of scholarly communication topics. We will present our study, including research questions, design and methods, and key findings, then invite participants to consider and share potential implications as they relate to work librarians and other information specialists do or could be doing at the intersection of information literacy and scholarly communication. Specifically, do our findings resonate with session participants’ related experiences with and perceptions of students on their own campuses, and what can and should we do to support students at this intersection? We hope this conversation will foster innovative work that supports undergraduate students as information users and content creators, as citizens generally, and as potential future scholars.

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