Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) (45th : 2016)

Do Online Learning Modules Have a Role in Information Literacy Instruction? Mondschein, Henri


This presentation will highlight the preliminary results of a study conducted as part of the ACRL Assessment in Action program in 2014 and emphasize practical ways librarians can use online tutorials to augment instruction during the 50-minute session. This presentation will review findings of the mixed-methods study and how tutorials focusing on evaluating information and using information responsibly are being used at California Lutheran University to augment instruction and engage students. Practical applications will be stressed including options for using tutorials to sequence information literacy instruction with first-year, sophomore/junior and capstone classes; flipped classroom sessions, and how the embedded quizzes can be used for assessment. The presenter will demonstrate key features of the sequenced tutorials and share practical approaches for creating tutorials that address specific information learning outcomes and how tutorials can be created to address first-year, sophomore/junior and senior/capstone level learners and classes.The project also emphasized the importance of active learning as a pedagogical method that must be woven into the fabric of today’s undergraduate curriculum. Emphasis will also be placed on how tutorials can be designed to address the new ACRL framework and Threshold Concepts. The presenter will share how the project contributed to the construction of the university’s first active learning classroom in the library which features modular work spaces, white boards, and technology to support problem-based learning, small group work and similar forms of inquiry-based teaching and learning. The presenter will also describe how the first-year tutorial became integrated into first-year experience courses by some faculty members and will highlight tangible campus outcomes resulted from the work, including information literacy assessment data.

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