Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) (45th : 2016)

The Research Hour Davies, Anne; Young, Vicki


Fifty minute instruction does not always reach the students at the right time. Nor does it give them individual attention. We offer research consultations by appointment which is great for one on one help but it lacks the support of the professor and the Writing Center. By scheduling research hours outside of class time, in conjunction with faculty, Writing Center staff, and the librarian liaison to that department, we found a new and more effective way to provide students with help for their research projects at a strategic time before their assignment is due. Having the professor offer extra credit and strongly encourage students to attend, ensures good participation. Student assessment showed that the real gain for them was not the extra credit but better research projects and knowledge of people they could go to for help on campus. The Professor reported that extra credit was the motivator, but the usefulness of the session was praised in the feedback. Writing Center tutors helped with citations and avoiding plagiarism, the professor helped refine topics and the librarian provided guidance on the appropriate databases to use for the topic.

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