Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) (45th : 2016)

The Research Hour Davies, Anne; Young, Vicki 2016-05-31

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The Research HourAnne Davies & Vicki YoungXavier University LibraryCincinnati, OhioResearch IntersectionsLibrarianHistory ProfessorStudentsWriting Center• Extra credit was earned by:• Showing up at the Research Hour during the scheduled time.• Writing a one page reflection paper with prompts.• 30 out of 36 students attended.• Extra credit was an acknowledged motivator• It provided an out of class time and a place to get work done.• The experience was good and students praised its usefulness in their feedback.Comments from History Professor:“All around it was a very helpful experience.” “Historical Abstracts was very cool to use because I could put in specific times and dates in which my research needs to come from.”  Comments from Students:“Having my professor in the room, writing assistance, and a librarian was incredibly helpful, even in the short time I was there as well as having my colleagues present to sort of compare and discuss.” Comments from Students:• Alter Outpost – Fall 2015• Librarians without borders – Spring 2016Variations on the Research Hour• Alter Outpost• Alter Outpost• Librarians without borders• Psychology Thursdays from 11-1 • Business 4-6pm alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays. • Occupational Therapy Thursday from 2-4pm• Nursing Wednesday 3:30-5:30• Future plans• English 101• Traveling librarian• Contact information • Anne Davies• Vicki Young


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