Digital Library Federation (DLF) (2015)

Playing to our strengths : collaboration and maximizing resources to build the RDC Platform. Beiriger, Angie; Buchholz, Laura; Meinzer, Jason


For years, Reed College has been struggling with a digital asset management system that didn’t quite meet the unique needs of our campus. Faculty often request extensive interface customizations for their digital collections, the proprietary software (CONTENTdm) no longer fits our environment, and technology infrastructure issues have created a pyramid of unsustainable workarounds. In 2013, Reed College began to explore alternatives. After surveying the landscape by talking to other liberal arts colleges, national vendors, and local academic institutions, no existing platform seemed to be the right fit. We decided to tap into the expertise on our campus and build a flexible, scalable platform that is customized to our campus environment. Reed Digital Collections (RDC) is a collaborative effort between the Library, Technology Infrastructure Services, and Web Support Services. Specifically, this panel will discuss: Why Liberal Arts Colleges are in a unique position to tap local expertise to creatively solve problems. Criteria for the new system, options considered, and reasons why we chose to build a homegrown system. Challenges and benefits of the system design and implementation process. Negotiating time for personnel, establishing effective communication, and sustaining a flexible environment in order to maximize limited resources to best serve the local community. Technical aspects of design: architectural decisions, major components, and system data model.

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