Digital Library Federation (DLF) (2015)

APTrust : one year into production; Hydra in a Box; Fedora 4 Update German, Chip; Capell, Laura; Long, Elisabeth; Diamond, Andrew; Matienzo, Mark A.; Cramer, Tom; Markow, Jonathan; Wilcox, David


APTrust: One Year into Production -- APTrust, a consortium of 17 members dedicated to digital stewardship at scale, launched in October 2014. This presentation will provide insight into the core challenges that both the APTrust administration and our members deal with one year later into production as well as on an ongoing basis. In particular, we will explore what has changed with the way we operate—from business models, governance, to TDR certification. There will also be a production update—including a brief technical overview. Presenters: Chip German (University of Virginia), Laura Capell (University of Miami), Elisabeth Long (University of Chicago), Andrew Diamond (APTrust). Hydra in a Box -- The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is partnering with Stanford University and DuraSpace on "Hydra in a Box": a next-generation repository solution that extends the existing Hydra project codebase and its vibrant and growing community to build, bundle, and promote a feature-rich, robust, flexible digital repository. This solution takes advantage of current web environments, user expectations, and curation needs for rich digital objects, offering best of breed technologies and methods that match new and emerging requirements for content management. The presentation provides a project update and details the envisioned project outcomes. Presenters: Mark Matienzo (Digital Public Library of America), Tom Cramer (Stanford University), Jonathan Markow (DuraSpace). Fedora 4 Update -- Since its production release in November of 2014, Fedora 4 has seen a number of important developments, both in terms of the technical features and the Fedora community. This project update will review these developments, including a new model for community-driven feature development, pilot projects and tools for Fedora 3 to 4 migrations, and a model for community support and governance. Attendees will also learn how to engage with the Fedora community and participate in new developments. Presenter: David Wilcox (DuraSpace).

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