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Publishing cooperatives : a new way to sustain open access?; Automate and integrate : implementing open access policies so they stick Willinsky, John; Mitchell, Catherine; Gonder, Justin; Hastings, Kirk; Brennan, Martin


Publishing cooperatives : a new way to sustain open access? -- Open access, which seeks to provide the world with free access to peer­ reviewed research and scholarship, is now achieving widespread support, from librarians, funding agencies, scholars, and, of course, readers. Turning this support into sustainable practice, however, remains a challenge. The dominant open access funding model in the sciences relies on author processing charges (APCs), which can be as high as five thousand dollars to publish a single article. In the humanities and social sciences, with their lower grant funding, APC rates pose a significant barrier to the expansion of open access. This session proposes that we begin to investigate a new way to sustain open access, focusing initially on the social sciences and humanities, but potentially for all disciplines. To explore the feasibility of an Open Access Publishing Cooperatives calls for consulting with major stakeholders, including research libraries, societies, presses, funders, and others, to pool the expertise, resources, and finances that are already on the table to enable an open access model that does not rely on APCs. Among the ideas to be considered are how OA Publishing Cooperatives would allow libraries to gradually redirect their collection budgets away from subscriptions and APC funds toward directly supporting the publishing activities of scholarly societies and presses. The Public Knowledge Project at Stanford and Simon Fraser University recently received MacArthur Foundation funding to conduct a two-year feasibility study of open access publishing cooperatives, to consult with stakeholders, develop the required technology, and outline the steps required to bringing the idea into production. This session will provide a description of the study, the findings to date, and engage the audience in their thoughts and feedback on the opportunities and challenges for libraries in this cooperative model for open access publishing. Presenter: John Willinsky (Stanford University) Publishing cooperatives : a new way to sustain open access? -- This talk explores the challenges of implementing an open access policy across the University of California system and the opportunities afforded by the semi-automation of faculty participation in the policy. We will report on the social and technical work of establishing a systemwide publication management system, the local resources necessary to acclimate faculty to the policy and the tool, and the levels of faculty participation as a result of this work. We will also explore the challenges ahead—attention, disciplinary coverage, funding—and make a case for integrating OA policies into other faculty reporting systems on campus. Presenters: Catherine Mitchell (California Digital Library), Justin Gonder (California Digital Library), Kirk Hastings (California Digital Library), Martin Brennan (University of California, Los Angeles)

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