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International Conference on Health Promoting Universities and Colleges (7th : 2015)

This collection contains proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Health Promoting Universities and Colleges/VII International Congress held in Kelowna, BC, Canada from June 22nd 25th, 2015. The theme of this conference was Promising Paths: Research, Practice, and Policy for Healthy and Sustainable Campuses. The conference created a dynamic meeting place for researchers, practitioners, administrators, students and policy-makers from around the world. Pressing health and sustainability issues were explored, local and global networks were strengthened, the latest research and practices were shared and critiqued, and a new International Charter was co-designed... all with the goal of advancing health promotion in higher education settings and beyond. The interactive Conference design supported knowledge exchange among a diversity of people interested in the intersections of human and environmental health and well being, ecosystem sustainability and learning and productivity. In addition to the scientific program, which comprised 14 plenary sessions and 139 presentations, the multi-level participatory Charter development process, which began several months prior to the conference, culminated in the production of a new Charter. The Charter sets out a radical and far-reaching vision, and issues a challenge to higher education institutions to realize this vision.