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Knots and links in channel and slit confinement: static and dynamics Micheletti, Cristian


Abstract I will report on a series of studies where we looked at how the static and dynamics of entangled polymers is affected by confinement. Specifically, I will first by consider the knotting of semi-flexible chains inside channels of different size and discuss how the size and complexity evolves during the free or externally-driven dynamics of the chain[1,2]. Next, I will turn to the case of linked rings inside channels and slits and discuss how the size and dynamics of their linked portion responds to different types of confinement[3,4]. References [1] C. Micheletti and E. Orlandini, â Knotting and unknotting dynamics of DNA strands in nanochannelsâ , ACS Macro Letters, 3 , 876-880 (2014) [2] D. Michieletto, E. Orlandini, M.S. Turner and C. Micheletti, â Separation of Geometrical and Topological entangle- ment in Confined polymers Driven out of Equilibriumâ , ACS Macro Letters, 9 , 1081-1085 (2020) [3] G. Dâ Adamo, E. Orlandini and C. Micheletti, â Linking of ring polymers in slit-like confinementâ , Macromolecules,, 50 , 1713-1718 (2017) [4] G. Amici, M. Caraglio, E. Orlandini and C. Micheletti, â Topologically Linked Chains in Confinementâ , ACS Macro Lett., 8 , 442-446 (2019)

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