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Vacuum entanglement harvesting with delocalized matter Baccetti, Valentina


Entanglement harvesting has been studied extensively using the Unruh-deWitt (UdW) detector. In this detector the matter systems are modelled as two-level quantum detector systems while the classical centre of mass degrees of freedom are described using a smearing profile function. As has been extensively shown, entanglement harvesting depends very sensitively on the detector details. In this talk we consider two quantum delocalized detectors in their respective ground states [1], and we ask how their ability to become entangled with each other is affected by their mass and their initial centre of mass delocalization. For comparison we consider entanglement harvesting from two UdW detectors with classical centre of mass and Gaussian smearing profile. We will show that the process of entanglement harvesting is affected by the coherent delocalization of matter and, in particular, that delocalized detectors harvest less entanglement than detectors whose centre of mass degrees of freedom are assumed to behave classically. We will also identify the limit in which the results for entanglement harvesting for coherently delocalized detectors reduce to the results for detectors with classical external degrees of freedom [2]. [1] N. Stritzelberger and A. Kempf, â Coherent delocalization in the light-matter interactionâ , Phys. Rev. D, 101, 036007, 2020. [2] Nadine Stritzelberger, Laura J. Henderson, Valentina Baccetti, Nicolas C. Menicucci, and Achim Kempf, â Entanglement harvesting with coherently delocalized matterâ , Phys. Rev. D 103, 016007, 2021.

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