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Coupled social and ecological systems in forested landscape Satake, Akiko


Landscape change is the outcome of both natural and anthropogenic disturbances. Natural disturbances (e.g., forest fires, land slides, and floods) are episodic and stochastic events that occur across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. Anthropogenic disturbances (e.g., forest clearance for agriculture, timber harvest, or pasture) also occur at various temporal and spatial scales, but often at a faster rate and a more extensive scale than natural disturbances. Deforestation is especially an important environmental problem because of its impact on biodiversity, carbon cycling associated with global climate, biogeochemical cycling, and other ecosystem functions. A key factor inducing landscape change is the human behavior that underlies these changes. The simplest way to consider this is to develop a model which traces the responses of landowners to the change of socioeconomic and ecological conditions. We introduce a Markov chain model for land-use dynamics in a forested landscape [1â 4]. The model emphasizes the importance of coupling socioeconomic and ecological processes underlying landscape changes. References [1] Satake A, Iwasa Y (2006) Coupled ecological and social dynamics in a forested landscape: the deviation of the individual decisions from the social optimum. Ecological Research 21, 370â 379. [2] Satake A, Rudel TK (2007) Modelling the forest transition: forest scarcity and ecosystem service hypotheses. Ecological Applications 17, 2024â 2036. [3] Satake A, Janssen MA, Levin SA, Iwasa Y (2007) Collective deforestation induced by social learning under uncertainty of forest-use value. Ecological Economics 63, 452â 462. [4] Satake A, Rudel TK, Onuma A (2008) Scale mismatches and their ecological and economic effects on landscapes: a spatially explicit model. Global Environmental Change 18, 768â 775.

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