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Effective dynamics for stochastic differential equations Lelievre, Tony


In multiscale models for polymeric fluids, the evolution of the polymer chain is usually modeled using an entropic force, computed from the free energy associated with the end-to-end vector. We will present results which aim at justifying under which circumstances such a dynamics is indeed close to the original dynamics based on the full-atom chain. </p> <h5>References:</h5> F. Legoll and T. Lelièvre, <i>Effective dynamics using conditional expectations</i>, Nonlinearity, 23, 2131-2163, (2010).
F. Legoll, T. Lelièvre and S. Olla, <i>Pathwise estimates for an effective dynamics, Stochastic Processes and their Applications</i>, 127, 2841-2863, (2017).
F. Legoll, T. Lelièvre and U. Sharma, <i>Effective dynamics for non-reversible stochastic differential equations: a quantitative study</i>, Nonlinearity, 32(12), 4779, (2019).

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