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A couple of conjectures in arithmetic dynamics over fields of positive characteristic. Ghioca, Dragos


The Dynamical Mordell-Lang Conjecture predicts the structure of the intersection between a subvariety $V$ of a variety $X$ defined over a field $K$ of characteristic $0$ with the orbit of a point in $X(K)$ under an endomorphism $\Phi$ of $X$. The Zariski dense conjecture provides a dichotomy for any rational self-map $\Phi$ of a variety $X$ defined over an algebraically closed field $K$ of characteristic $0$: either there exists a point in $X(K)$ with a well-defined Zariski dense orbit, or $\Phi$ leaves invariant some non-constant rational function $f$. For each one of these two conjectures we formulate an analogue in characteristic $p$; in both cases, the presence of the Frobenius endomorphism in the case $X$ is isotrivial creates significant complications which we will explain in the case of algebraic tori.

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