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Double-Sided Queues with Marked Markovian Arrival Processes and Abandonment Wu, Haoran


In this paper, we study a double-sided queueing model with marked Markovian arrival processes and finite discrete abandonment times. We apply the theory of multi-layer Markov modulated fluid flow (MMFF) processes to analyze the queueing model. First, we define three age processes for the queueing system and convert them into a multi-layer MMFF process. Then we analyze the multi-layer MMFF process to find queueing performance measures related to the age processes, matching rates/probabilities, waiting times, and queue lengths for both sides of the queueing system. We obtain a number of aggregate quantities as well as quantities for individual types of inputs, which can be useful for the analysis and design of, for examples, passenger-taxi service systems and organ transplantation systems.

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