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DNase-seq data as a scaffold for complementary (single cell) datasets Meuleman, Wouter


Dr. Wouter Meuleman is an investigator at the Altius Institute for Biomedical Sciences. His research focuses on how the regulatory genome is organized, and what the functional implications of this organization are. To address this question, he analyzed a large DNase I chromatin accessibility dataset (733 biosamples) to delineate and annotate putative regulatory elements in the human genome. Importantly for integrative analyses, this has resulted in a common coordinate system for regulatory DNA, providing a scaffold for complementary datasets and analyses. These data can be used for the annotation of protein-coding and non-coding genes, the interpretation of genetic variation and the study of compartmentalization of the regulatory genome. Prior to joining Altius, Wouter did postdoctoral work at MIT and the Broad Institute. He obtained his PhD in Computational Biology from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. The presented data are available via, and code is available at and

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