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Some properties of hyperbolic dynamics from micro-local analysis Faure, Frederic


In hyperbolic dynamics (Anosov dynamics) each trajectory is strongly unstable and its behavior is unpredictable. A smooth probability distribution evolves also in a complicated way since it acquires higher and higher oscillations. Nevertheless using micro-local analysis, this evolution is predictable in the sense of distributions. It is similar to a quantum scattering problem in cotangent space as treated by Helffer and Sjöstrand using escape functions in (86'). In this talk we will use wave-packet transform (or FBI transform) and explain how to derive some spectral properties of the dynamics, as the existence of the intrinsic discrete spectrum of Ruelle resonances, a fractal Weyl law, estimates on the wave front set of the resonances, and band structure in the case of geodesic flow. Collaboration with Masato Tsujii.

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