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Is there a natural language for motor control Ruina, Andy


The language of linear control has one word: K. As in u = Kx. As in dx/dt = Ax + Bu. A state based nonlinear control has, instead of Kx, F(x). But that is too broad. Is there a natural language of nonlinear control in which simple non-linear controls are simple to express and more complicated, but useful, control laws are efficiently expressed. Perhaps, also, this controller operates on sensors rather than states. In my guestimation there must be some better languages than, say, a) C++, or b) Taylor series, or c) Neural nets. A better language would be less general than those, but would A) not so easily express useless controllers, and B) more efficiently express pretty good controllers. I don't really have any ideas about what this language could be. But I feel like it must be out there. WhyBecause animals learn to control things. And animals don't have access to the big data needed, for, say deep neural nets. So, animals must be working with a simpler, learnable or evolvable, language of control.What are candidates for that This seems like a good crowd to ask this to.

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