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Non-Kähler metrics with torus symmetry and Solutions to the Hull-Strominger system Grantcharov, Gueo


In the talk will be reviewed the construction of various non-Kähler metrics on toric bundles over Kähler base space. When the base is a K3 orbifold, it provides examples of solutions to Hull-Strominger system on simply connected spaces diffeomorphic to $S^1\times\sharp_k(S^2\times S^3)$ for $13 \leq k \leq 22$ and $\sharp_r (S^2 \times S^4) \sharp_{r+1} (S^3 \times S^3)$ for $14\leq r\leq 22$. The talk is based on the joint work with A. Fino and L. Vezzoni.

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