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Full counting statistics of charge and energy transport: Methods and applications Segal, Dvira


Methods developed to study the dynamics of open quantum systems can be generalized to hand over the probability distribution function of integrated currents. Considering steady state transport of particles and energy, I will describe benefits of the full counting statistics (FCS) approach: (i) It may be easier in fact to evaluate the cumulant generating function - than study directly-individually the averaged current and its noise. (ii) By verifying the steady state fluctuation symmetry we can validate the thermodynamics consistency our approximations. (iii) We automatically generate high order cumulants beyond the averaged current. I will describe our studies of FCS in charge and energy transport problems, and portray several applications including derivation of the delta-T electronic shot noise, analysis of the anomalous electronic noise, and studies of fluctuations - entropy production trade-off relations.

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