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Quantum Coherence in Light-harvesting Energy Transfer Cao, Jianshu


Quantum coherence in light-harvesting complexes is explored in a minimal model of V-shape three-level system. We systematically solve the model to predict both its transient and steadystate coherences and demonstrate the interplay of exciton trapping at the reaction center and the non-canonical distribution due to the system-bath coupling [1,2]. Further, we analyze the efficiency and energy flux of the three-level model and show the optimal performance in the intermediate range of temperature and coupling strength, consistent with our understanding of quantum heat engines. [3] Finally, if time allows, we will explain how to generalize the above analysis to complex light-harvesting networks using the waiting time distribution function [4]. $$ $$ [1] Can natural sunlight induce coherent exciton dynamics Olsina, Dijkstra, Wang, Cao, arXiv:1408.5385 (2014/2019) $$ $$ [2] Non-canonical distribution and non-equilibrium transport beyond weak system-bath coupling regime: A polaron transformation approach. D. Xu and J. Cao, Front. Phys. 11, 1 (2016) $$ $$ [3] Polaron effects on the performance of light-harvesting systems: A quantum heat engine perspective. D. Xu, C. Wang, Y. Zhao, and J. Cao, New J. Phys. 18, 023003 (2016) $$ $$ [4] Correlations in single molecule photon statistics: Renewal indicator. J. Cao, J. Phys. Chem. B, 110, 19040 (2006)

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