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Possible pathways for protein knot folding Flapan, Erica


How knotted proteins fold has remained controversial since the identification of deeply knotted proteins nearly two decades ago. Both computational and experimental approaches have been used to investigate protein knot formation. In this talk, we introduce a new theory of knot folding that could describe a pathway for the formation of all currently known protein knot types and predict knot types that might be identified in the future. We analyze fingerprint data from crystal structures of protein knots as evidence that particular protein knots may fold according to specific configurations from our theory. In particular, our approach confirms Taylor's twisted hairpin theory of knot folding for the \(3_1\)-knotted proteins and the $4_1$-knotted KARI's as special cases, and presents an alternative folding mechanism for the $4_1$-knotted phytochromes and the $5_2$- and $6_1$-knotted proteins.

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