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K-theoretic quasimap wall-crossing for GIT quotients Zhang, Ming


For a large class of GIT quotients X=W//G, Ciocan-Fontanine-Kim-Maulik and many others have developed the theory of epsilon-stable quasimaps. The conjectured wall-crossing formula of cohomological epsilon-stable quasimap invariants for all targets in all genera has been recently proved by Yang Zhou. In this talk, we will introduce permutation-equivariant K-theoretic epsilon-stable quasimap invariants with level structure and prove their wall-crossing formulae for all targets in all genera. In physics literature, these invariants are related to the \(3d N = 2\) supersymmetric gauge theories studied by Jockers-Mayr, and the wall-crossing formulae can be interpreted as relations between invariants in the UV and the IR phases of the \(3d\) gauge theory. It is based on joint work in progress with Yang Zhou.

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