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Results from Sample Surveys of Renewable Energy Users of Nepal Devkota, Jyoti U.


Nepal is an agriculture based society. According to 2011 Census, 64% of the households use wood/fire wood for meeting their energy needs. With an aim of conducting a detailed study of energy consumption dynamics of rural Nepal, three surveys were conducted. A survey of 400 households of biogas consumers, 300 households of national grid electricity users and 51 households of micro hydro project users was conducted. This presentation is based on results obtained from these surveys. Conduction of such surveys has a great significance for country like Nepal; as it is without a strong backbone of good quality official data. Remote geographical locations, lack of awareness and lack of incentives are the main reasons behind this plight of official statistics. This survey generated more than 350 multivariate data. In these surveys, the base questionnaire is the same. It is a structured questionnaire with answers given as multiple choices that resulted in categorical data. This categorical data could be analyzed on ordinal scale. Because of large sample size this could be treated as a continuous data by the application of central limit theorem. The questionnaire was pretested. Multivariate statistics is used here to quantify and explain the relationship between these variables. Consumer profile databases were constructed. Data based research is evidence based research. Evidence based research is objective and undisputable. This presentation highlights this evidence based approach of handling an issue. As what gets measured also gets done.

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