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Transfer tensor method: efficient simulation of open quantum systems Cerrillo, Javier


The transfer tensor method [1] is a compact and intuitive tool for the analysis and simulation of general open quantum systems. By extracting the information contained in short samples of the initial dynamics, it has the ability to extend the simulation power of existing exact approaches, like the chain-mapping DMRG-based simulation method TEDOPA [2] or stochastic methods [3]. Crucially, it can treat problems with initial system-environment correlations, such as emission and absorption spectra of multichromophoric molecules [3]. In combination with the hierarchy of equations of motion, transfer tensors that contain information about energetic and particle currents of the environment may be derived, facilitating quantum transport studies in the strong-coupling and non-Markovian regimes. $$ $$ [1] J. Cerrillo, J. Cao, Phys Rev. Lett. 112, 110401 (2014). $$ $$ [2] R. Rosenbach, J. Cerrillo, S.F. Huelga, J. Cao, M.B. Plenio, New J. Phys. 18, 023035 (2016). $$ $$ [3] M. Buser, J. Cerrillo, G. Schaller, and J. Cao, Phys. Rev. A 96, 062122 (2017).

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