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Log-Sobolev inequality for the continuum Sine-Gordon model Bauerschmidt, Roland


I will present a multiscale generalisation of the Bakry--Emery criterion for a measure to satisfy a Log-Sobolev inequality. It relies on the control of an associated PDE well known in renormalisation theory: the Polchinski equation. It implies the usual Bakry--Emery criterion, but we show that it remains effective for measures which are far from log-concave. Indeed, we prove that the massive continuum Sine-Gordon model on $R^2$ with $\beta < 6\pi$ satisfies asymptotically optimal Log-Sobolev inequalities for Glauber and Kawasaki dynamics. These dynamics can be seen as singular SPDEs recently constructed via regularity structures, but our results are independent of this theory. This is joint work with T. Bodineau.

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