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Counting Saddle Connection on Translation surfaces. Rühr, Rene


A collection of polygons with the property that to each side one can find another side parallel to it can be endowed with a translation surface structure by glueing along those edges. This means that the closed surfaces obtained carries a flat metric outside finitely many conical singularities. Geodesics (which are straight lines) connecting such singularities are called saddle connections. While the asymptotic number of saddle connections of length less then T growth roughly like T^2 (in the sense that there are lower and upper bounds of that order), one can say more for a generic surface with respect to the moduli space of such structures thanks to the natural SL2-action it is equipped with. I shall present some results with polynomial error saving for counting saddle connections in the setting of a) general loci (j/w Nevo,Weiss) b) prescribed congruence restrictions in homology (j/w Magee, Guetierrez-Romo) c) lattice-surfaces using Eisenstein series (j/w Burrin,Nevo,Weiss)

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