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Liouville type theorems and local behaviour of solutions to degenerate or singular problems. Terracini, Susanna


We consider an equation in divergence form with a singular/degenerate weight \[ -\mathrm{div}(|y|^a A(x,y)\nabla u)=|y|^a f(x,y)\; \quad\textrm{or}\; \textrm{div}(|y|^aF(x,y))\;, \] Under suitable regularity assumptions for the matrix $A$ and $f$ (resp. $F$) we prove H\"older continuity of solutions and possibly of their derivatives up to order two or more (Schauder estimates). In addition, we show stability of the $C^{0,\alpha}$ and $C^{1,\alpha}$ a priori bounds for approximating problems in the form \[ -\mathrm{div}((\varepsilon^2+y^2)^a A(x,y)\nabla u)=(\varepsilon^2+y^2)^a f(x,y)\; \quad\textrm{or}\; \textrm{div}((\varepsilon^2+y^2)^aF(x,y)) \] as $\varepsilon\to 0$. Finally, we derive $C^{0,\alpha}$ and $C^{1,\alpha}$ bounds for inhomogenous Neumann boundary problems as well. Our method is based upon blow-up and appropriate Liouville type theorems.

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