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Dynamics of non-conservative fluid thin films Witelski, Thomas


Interfacial instabilities and pattern formation can occur in films on partially wetting surfaces. Lubrication models asymptotically reduce the governing equations for the free-surface flow to a fourth-order nonlinear parabolic partial differential equation for the evolution of the film height. Extensive studies have examined dynamics over a range of time-scales including finite-time rupture singularities and long-time droplet coarsening cascades when the fluid mass is conserved. We show that for volatile fluids, where the mass changes due to evaporation or condensation, the behaviors observed and the analysis needed yield new challenges and important differences from the non-volatile case. Some discussion will be given on dynamics that can occur when the form of the evaporative flux violates an energy dissipating structure. This is joint work with Hangjie Ji (UCLA).

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