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Anderson localization in the Kohn-Sham model for disordered crystals Lahbabi, Salma


In this talk, we consider disordered quantum crystals in the simplest Kohn-Sham model with no exchange-correlation, that is, the reduced Hartree-Fock (rHF) framework. The nuclei are supposed to be classical particles arranged around a reference periodic configuration. In particular, we consider a family of nuclear distributions $\mu(\omega,\cdot)$, where $\omega$ spans a probability space $\Omega$. Under some assumptions on the nuclear distribution $\mu$, the average energy per unit volume admits a minimizer, which is a solution of the self-consistent rHF equations. We mainly deal with short-range Yukawa interaction and obtain partial results for Coulomb systems. We also study localization properties of the mean-field Hamiltonian numerically. Joint works with Eric Cancès and Mathieu Lewin.

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