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Integrative genomic analyses of TCGA pan-cancer data. Hoadley, Katherine


The Cancer Genome Atlas has culminated over a decade of work characterization over 11,000 tumors from 33 different tumor types in a large scale, multidimensional data analysis called the PanCancer Atlas. This multi-institutional project resulted in 26 papers under three main themes â Cell of Origin, Oncogenic Processes, and Signaling Pathways. In the Cell of Origin marker paper, we explored the molecular classification of samples by chromosome arm level aneuploidy, DNA methylation, mRNA, miRNA, and protein data. Integrative clustering approaches identified groups of samples with shared molecular characteristics and identified diversity within tumor types and similarities that cross tumor types. This work provided support for additional analyses looking at pan-organ systems including pan-gynecological, pan-gastrointestinal, pan-kidney, pan-squamous, and stemness.

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