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Mutational dynamics in the mouse mitochondrial genome. Hernández Rosales, Maribel


In the cell there are from hundreds to thousands of mitochondria. Mitochondrial mutant genomes can coexist with wild-type genomes. Mutations in the mitochondrial genome have been associated to several diseases, such as aging, Alzheimerâ s disease, Parkinsonâ s disease, some forms of cancer, infertility, neuromuscular disorders, etc. In this work, we address the following questions: what is the mutation load in the mitochondrial genome does the mutation load change in the mouse brain in different stages of life does the frequency of individual mutations change in different stages of life how are mutations distributed in the mitochondrial genome I will show preliminary results of this study in the mouse mitochondrial genome that will give us insights about the mutational dynamics in the human mitochondrial genome.

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