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Doubling method and exterior twists Böcherer, Siegfried


We give a survey on our work with C.Schmidt on p-adic interpolation for standard L-functions for Siegel modular forms. We emphasize that there is a strong analogy between exterior twists of Eisenstein series and appliction of certain differential operators. The case of triple product L-functions for GL(2) can be handled in a similar way.
<br/> Related references: <br/> C.G.Schmidt, S.B Ì ocherer: p-adic measures attached to Siegel modular forms. Ann.Inst.Fourier 50, 1375-1443(2000)
<br/> A.Panchishkin, S.B Ì ocherer: p-adic interpolation for triple L-functions: analytic aspects. In: Automorphic Forms and L-functions II: Contemporary Math.489 (2009)

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