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New developments in point-particle simulation: insights from particle-resolved simulations and theory Horwitz, Jeremy


The Eulerian-Lagrangian point-particle method has become a leading paradigm in the study of dispersed particle-laden flows. This strategy simultaneously represents the non-continuum physics of the dispersed phase coupled to the continuum physics of the carrier fluid. However, while verifiable strategies for one-way coupled particles have been available for decades, it has not been until recently that verifiable strategies have been developed for two-way coupled flows. The purpose of this talk is to present some of the current state of understanding with regard to verifiable simulation of two-way coupled particle-laden flows. One key idea centers around the notion of undisturbed fluid properties evaluated at the location of each particle. In dilute regimes, we will show that removal of the self-disturbance portion of the flow computed in point-particle simulations is necessary for accurate comparison with particle-resolved simulation. In denser regimes, theory and simulations reveal that particle-particle screening cannot be ignored. We may also draw upon the Squires jet as a means for forming reasonable expectations about point- particle simulations. Time permitting, we will also discuss two-way coupled heat transfer in the context of point-particle simulations.

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