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Simulation of polydisperse multiphase flows with CFD-PBM for energy applications: the challenge of industrial applications Marchisio, Daniele


Between the late 1990s and the early 2000s a plethora of methods for the coupling between population balance models (PBM) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in the context of the Euler-Euler framework have been developed. Among them quadrature-based moment methods (QMOM, DQMOM, CQMOM, EQMOM) have been very successful. In the last years, due also to the availability of computational power, these methods have been extensively applied to the simulation of real industrial multiphase flows. This has shown the potentiality of the methods but also their limitations, mainly related to the lack of reliable physical and chemical models to describe the relevant phenomena involved under industrial conditions. Industrial conditions, in this context, mean dense systems (i.e. high concentration of the disperse phase) and complex chemical compositions. In this talk we will show what are the progresses made in the last five years to address these issues with a specific focus on coalescence and breakage kernels and interfacial force models. Examples taken from our recent work with commercial and open-source CFD codes will be discussed and critically analyzed with particular attention to energy applications: gas-liquid bioreactors under the heterogeneous regime, boiling flows, turbulent liquid-liquid emulsions, complex fluids in porous media and precipitation of materials of lithium batteries.

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