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Water vapour and rain dynamics in precipitating turbulent convection Hernández Dueñas, Gerardo


Simulations of precipitating convection are usually carried out with cloud resolving models, which typically represent all the different phases of water: water vapor, cloud water, rain water and ice. Here we investigate the question: what is the minimal possible representation of water processes that is sufficient for these models The simplified models that we present use a Boussinesq approximation, assume fast auto conversion and neglect ice. To test the simplified models, we present simulations of squall lines and scattered convection and show that they qualitatively capture observations made in nature and also seen in more comprehensive cloud resolving models, such as propagation of squall lines with tilted profiles, cold pools, and scattered convection. This is joint work with Andrew J. Majda, Samuel N. Stechmann and Leslie M. Smith.

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