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Infrared problems in QED: Some topics of current research Dybalski, Wojciech


(Joint work with A. Pizzo)

I will discuss some recent progress on infrared problems in non-perturbative approaches to QED. First, I will explain the general distinction between the `infraparticleâ and `infravacuumâ picture of the electron which pertains to the existence resp. non-existence of the spacelike asymptotic flux of the electric field. On this basis the problem of electron-photon scattering will be discussed both in models of non-relativistic QED and in the setting of algebraic QED.

On the infraparticle side, we will revisit the Faddeev-Kulish approach, theory of particle weights and the problem of velocity superselection. On the infravacuum side the talk will cover Kraus-Polley- Reents representations and the Buchholz-Roberts approach. If time allows, relations to a current trend in high-energy physics triggered by the works of A. Strominger et al. on the Weinberg's soft-photon theorems will be discussed.

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