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Chabauty-Coleman experiments for genus 3 hyperelliptic curves Etropolski, Anastassia


Given a curve of genus at least 2, it was proven in 1983 by Faltings that it has only finitely many rational points. Unfortunately, this result is ineffective, in that it gives no bound on the number of rational points. 40 years earlier, Chabauty proved the same result under the condition that the rank of the Jacobian of the curve is strictly smaller than the genus. While this is obviously a weaker result, the methods behind that proof could be made effective, and this was done by Coleman in 1985. Coleman's work led to a procedure known as the Chabauty-Coleman method, which has shown to be extremely effective at determining the set of rational points exactly, particularly in the case of hyperelliptic curves. In this talk I will discuss how we implement this method using Magma and Sage to provably determine the set of rational points on a large set of genus 3, rank 1 hyperelliptic curves, and how these calculations fit into the context of the state of the art conjectures in the field. The subject of this talk is joint work with Jennifer Balakrishnan, Francesca Bianchi, Victoria Cantoral-Farfan, and Mirela Ciperiani.

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