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Scarring of quasimodes on hyperbolic manifolds Silberman, Lior


Let $M$ be a compact hyperbolic manifold. The entropy bounds of Anantharaman et al. restrict the possible invariant measures on $T^1 M$ that can be quantum limits of sequences of eigenfunctions. Weaker versions of the entropy bounds also apply to approximate eigenfuctions ("log-scale quasimodes"), so it is interesting to construct such approximate eigenfunctions which converges to singular measures. Generalizing work of Brooks (hyperbolic surfaces) and Eswarathasan--Nonnenmacher (hyperbolic geodesics on Riemannian surfaces) we construct sequences of quasimodes on $M$ converging to totally geodesic submanifolds. A diagonal argument then realizes every invariant measure are a limit of quasimodes of fixed logarithmic width. Joint work with S. Eswarathasan

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