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On strong approximations for some classes of random iterates Merlevède, Florence


his talk is devoted to strong approximations in the dependent setting. The famous results of Koml\'os, Major and Tusn\'ady (1975-1976) state that it is possible to approximate almost surely the partial sums of size $n$ of i.i.d. centered random variables in ${\mathbb L}^p$ ($p >2$) by a Wiener process with an error term of order $o(n^{1/p})$. In the case of functions of random iterates generated by an iid sequence, we we shall give new dependent conditions, expressed in terms of a natural coupling (in ${\mathbb L}^\infty$ or in ${\mathbb L}^1$), under which the strong approximation result holds with rate $o(n^{1/p})$. The proof is an adaptation of the recent construction given in Berkes, Liu and Wu (2014). As we shall see our conditions are well adapted to a large variety of models, including left random walks on $GL_d({\mathbb R})$, contracting iterated random functions, autoregressive Lipschitz processes, and some ergodic Markov chains. We shall also provide some examples showing that our ${\mathbb L}^1$-coupling condition is in some sense optimal. This talk is based on a joint work with J. Dedecker and C. Cuny.

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