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Skeleta of Weinstein manifolds Starkston, Laura


The Floer theory of a cotangent fiber in a symplectic cotangent bundle T*M can be understood via the topology of the manifold M. More generally, a Weinstein manifold has a core isotropic skeleton and we can try to understand the symplectic topology of the Weinstein manifold in terms of the topology of the skeleton. Unfortunately, generically the skeleton has singularities which make its topology difficult to understand and which lead to loss of information. We will discuss a nice minimal set of singularities which we can understand combinatorially, and try to show that all Weinstein manifolds can be deformed to have a skeleton with only these nice singularities. These singularities coincide with Nadler’s “arboreal singularities” where Floer theoretic calculations can locally be done combinatorially.

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